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How to Get to The Greek Islands (And Around)

16th October 2017

The darling of European holiday destinations, the Greek Islands are everything you could want from a tropical getaway at the start or end of a European sojourn. Navigating them, however, isn’t as simple as you may expect. Here’s a guide to reaching the highlights.


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In order to reach the islands from Australia, you will need to fly via Athens or another major European airport. Twenty-five of the islands have airports served by Olympic and Aegean Airways. Eight airports are also international, with services from the UK, France and other European destinations during summer.


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By Ferry or Catamaran

Most islands in Greece are serviced by ferries and hydrofoils. While flights will sell out during high season, you’re generally able to get a ferry ticket the day before travel, ideal for more spontaneous travellers. There are different archipelagos in the Greek Islands, and while it’s possible to move between them, it is a lot easier to hop islands within the one group, like Mykonos and Santorini in the Cyclades, as opposed to hopping to Corfu or Rhodes.


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One way to see more of the islands is on a sailing holiday, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling in secluded bays unreachable by other transport. Island hop to archaeological sites and enjoy local delicacies in waterfront tavernas in every village you call upon.


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Myriad cruise companies include the Greek Islands in their itineraries, some exclusively so. If you’re wanting to see more of this region, choose a 7-10 day journey taking in highlights as well as hidden gems, or combine the islands with a Mediterranean cruise to Croatia, Italy or Spain.

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