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Why Small Group Touring is Best For Seniors

13th July 2017

Just because the number of years since you were born has reached over 60 doesn’t mean you need to slow down. In fact thanks to Escape Travel’s exclusive seniors discount, there’s no better time to go. And with Small group travel, escorted by an expert guide, you can explore far away destinations at your pace, knowing the essentials are taken care of, and you’re getting an authentic experience. Back-Roads Touring offer unique journeys that travel at a slower pace, offer intimate, local encounters and ensure your every need is met.


woman drinking wine in group on beach

Your Style, Your Pace

If you’re looking for a journey where you can have a hands on experience of the destination, rather than simply observing, a small group tour should satisfy that craving. There’s no sitting on a bus for hours to get off, capture a photo in front of the leaning tower of Pisa and keep on driving. Back-Roads tours move at a slower pace, encouraging immersion in local cultures and a more in-depth understanding of each place, its people, history and culture. So that you can truly travel at your own pace, there is plenty of free time, when you can sit back and breathe in the atmosphere, or fit in another museum, walking tour or day trip. 


route through rolling green hills

Take the Scenic Route

Why pay for a coach tour to explore a destination when all you can see out your window en route is a freeway? Back-Roads tours do exactly as the name says, avoiding the highway in favour of scenic back roads where you can appreciate the landscape along the way. Travelling in mini-coaches, the whole experience is more intimate, and whether you’re passing through rugged mountain passes or quaint rural villages,  you’re closer to the outdoors and see more of the journey between stops. 


four seniors walking in italian village

Intimate Group Size

The idea of travelling in large, noisy groups probably doesn’t appeal much anymore. That’s why small escorted tours are ideal, where personalised experiences are the norm, and where friendships with like-minded travellers are easily formed. Back-Roads tour group sizes are no larger than 18-22, so tour leaders have time to dedicate to each guest, your questions can always be answered, and the experience is a more intimate one overall.


group of people in vineyard drinking wine with tour guide

Authentic Local Experiences

Small group holidays are designed for you to get the most out of each encounter and experience. Visiting the historic and iconic sights is a must, of course, but it’s also the cultural experiences like language lessons, tea ceremonies, dancing shows and artistic demonstrations that give insight into the local way of life. Back-Roads tours always include plenty of these experiences so that you go home feeling full of information but also inspiration after an experience that tapped into local heritage and customs.


group of people eating dinner al fresco outside stone house

Creative Culinary Highlights

Back-Roads believes the journey is as much about discovery as it is about destination. To that, specially designed culinary tours are not just about enjoying local delicacies and food styles, they are about exploring the entire food process, from paddock to plate. From winery tours in Croatia and France, to cooking classes in Italy and Wales, a whisky distillery experience in Scotland to uncovering slow food cheese in Italy, whatever kind of food-lover you are, there’s an authentic experience to take you to the heart of a destination. After all, food says so much about a destination.



Boutique Accommodation

An authentic experience shouldn’t stop when you head back to your hotel. On Back-Roads tours you won’t be staying in any run-of-the-mill hotels or motels, your accommodation ranges from rustic rural bed and breakfasts and old country estates, to traditional villas and even castle hotels. Your boutique accommodation is carefully selected to reflect the character and charm of the local destination, while ensuring your comfort and ensuite bathroom aren’t compromised.  

For great seniors discounts and deals click here, visit your local Escape Travel store, or call 1300 273 482.