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Multi-Course Cruising: What Are P&O Food Cruises?

18th May 2017

P&O has revolutionised cruising with an innovative take on onboard dining. Long gone are the days of buffet only – P&O offers gourmet eateries that cover cuisines from all corners of the globe. It doesn’t end there, P&O have gone one step further with their very own food and wine cruises. Evy from Escape Travel shares what the fuss is all about.


Image: P&O

What's a food and wine cruise like and how does it differ to a regular cruise? 

The food & wine cruise is really dedicated to foodies looking for a wonderfully delicious time at sea. You could participate in wine, whisky, beer, tequila, cocktail and martini tastings - all done by expert winemakers and mixologists. There are also cook-off shows by MKR finalists and P&O's own Master Chef Luke Mangan. All these activities you can book and participate in, but if you’re not interested in food and wine there is plenty regular stuff to do as well.


Image: P&O

What was the best foodie experience you had?

I loved the beer tasting because I learned to appreciate the delicate flavours, and the pairing of food and drinks. Other than that, the a la carte restaurant is fabulous. I did not manage to get into Salt grill, as it was fully booked - big tip would be to pre book before you step on board the cruise!

What was your cabin like?

I had a balcony cabin, which was very spacious. I love sleeping with the balcony door open hearing the sound of the waves and smelling the ocean.

Any tips for first time cruisers?

Go on a short cruise to experience what it’s like for your first time. Then plan a longer one once you have got a feel for what to expect.

Anything else to share?

Cruising is a really easy way to get away. Embark in your own home port and arrive back after a couple of days. I even walked to the terminal! There is always something to do on board, or nothing to do...The options are endless!

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