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A Solo Traveller's Guide to Cruising

1st May 2017

While you might be cruising alone, there is no need to be lonely when you’re travelling solo on a cruise ship. In fact, cruising is the perfect holiday for single travellers. There is plenty to do on and off the ship, it is easy to strike up a conversation with fellow cruisers and you don’t have to worry about getting from one destination to another on your own. Here are 10 tips for cruising solo.



1. Please Yourself

Revel in the freedom to do whatever you want to, whenever you feel like it. Other passengers are often forced to compromise based on the wishes of their travelling companions. However, you can please yourself. Don’t feel like going to dinner one night? No problem. Treat yourself to room service and put your feet up, you deserve it.

2. Choose the Right Ship

Consider a smaller ship for your first solo cruise so it is easier to form connections with other travellers. While larger ships offer plenty to keep solo cruisers entertained, if you strike up a conversation with someone, it is highly likely you will never see them again on a mega ship.

3. Consider a Theme Cruise

When everyone on board shares a common interest, it’s easy to makes friends. Whether you are into tennis, dancing, gardening or food and wine, there is sure to be a cruise to suit.



4. Book a Shore Tour

Connect with others by joining a cruise ship tour or arrange an independent shore tour on your Cruise Critic Roll Call. Tours are a great way to meet like-minded travellers and make friends.

5. Look for Solo Savings

Look for cruise lines which offer dedicated single cabins or ‘no single supplement’ deals and save. It is best to book your solo cruise in advance as single cabins often sell out early.

6. Join Cruise Critic

Sign up to Cruise Critic and join the Roll Call for your cruise. You can chat with other travellers online and get to know people on your cruise before you get on-board. Why not check if anyone else is travelling solo and arrange a time to catch up? Cruise Critic also host free Meet & Mingle parties for members. Sign up and you’ll get to meet all your Roll Call friends on-board the ship.



7. Dine with Others

Dining at the same time each night on an assigned table is the cruising equivalent of Russian Roulette. Who will you get on your table? It can be better to opt for flexible dining so you can eat when you choose and ask to share a table (or not) when you arrive at the dining room.

8. Join an On-board Class

Some on-board classes are free while others attract a small charge. All of them offer a chance to learn new skills, meet people and have fun. Learn how to cha cha, mix the perfect martini or cook a new dish. Check your daily program for details of what is on offer each day.

9. Plenty of Port Days

Choose an itinerary with plenty of ports and fill your days with interesting activities, either by exploring on your own or joining an organised tour. Why not seek out one of your favourite things at each destination? Whether you enjoy fine wine, swimming or football, there will almost certainly be a local equivalent you can experience while you’re there.

10. Try Everything

The daily program is filled with complimentary activities like trivia games, mini-golf challenges, and aqua aerobics classes. Even if you wouldn’t normally do these things on land, go along and give it a try. Not only is this a great way to meet people, you could be surprised how much fun you have.

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