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All You Need To Know About Repositioning Cruises

16th March 2017

Whether you’re new to holidays at sea or a seasoned cruiser, cruising isn’t always a straightforward round-trip route around one region or country. Seasons change and so do itineraries. Here we take a look at the benefits of a lesser-known way to holiday: repositioning cruises.

What is a Repositioning Cruise?
A repositioning cruise is one that starts and ends in a different port. These unique itineraries take place when ships need to relocate to a new part of the world to begin the next cruise season, such as transferring ships from Alaska when the winter winds begin to roll off the glaciers to a much more balmy climate.

Who Offers Repositioning Cruises?
Most major cruise lines offer these journeys, including Royal Caribbean International, Cunard and Princess Cruises. Popular routes, like Royal Caribbean International’s Sydney to Singapore (and vice versa) and Sydney to Honolulu (and vice versa) itineraries, are perfect for shorter breaks. Alternatively, you can extend the experience on a transatlantic journey, such as sailing from the cerulean waters of the Caribbean to the magical coastlines of the Mediterranean with a few stops in between.

Why Book a Repositioning Cruise?
The biggest reason to book a repositioning cruise is value. Cruise lines offer these unique itineraries at a discount – often throwing in even more bonuses than usual – in comparison to ‘official’ routes, in order to fill ships on these necessary journeys. Repositioning sailings occur in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, so crowds are often at a minimum, too.
The onboard experience, including entertainment and facilities, is of the same high standard as a regular cruise (or enhanced due to the lengthier time at sea), which is perfect for those who love the ease of life on the water. Just think, the hardest decisions you’ll have to make include whether to have your usual pina colada or the cocktail of the day, or what evening show to see. A repositioning cruise also offers a slightly different slant on the holiday experience.
These itineraries always require some form of air travel, whether it’s an openjaw ticket (flying into one destination and out of another) or a one-way flight to or returning from the port. Starting and ending your journey at different locations grants you the ability and freedom to delve further into the destinations that bookend your cruise, especially for those with more holiday time to spare.
To the uninitiated a repositioning cruise is a great way to dip your toes into cruising and enjoy an all-encompassing holiday experience without breaking the bank.

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