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The Perks of Holidaying at Home in Oz

25th January 2017

Often the idea of a holiday conjures images of long haul flights and exotic foreign destinations. But you don’t have to flee Australia to find a perfectly wonderful getaway. In honour of Australia Day, we’ve compiled the best reasons why holidaying at home in Oz could be just what you’re looking for.
It’s just so easy
No vaccinations necessary, no complex travel itineraries to plan, no currency conversions to worry about and no language barriers to contend with. It’s often just so much easier to holiday at home. Everything is familiar and there’s no ‘adjustment period’ required. You can just get on with it and relax.



Less travel time
Less time in the air and less time recovering from jet lag means more time on holidays. If you’re short on time, that goes triple!
It can be cheaper
Often staying close to home means your holiday will turn out cheaper on the hip pocket. You also know what to expect in terms of how much things will cost so you can plan your holiday finances much more easily and accurately in preparation.
You can often drive
Whether you don’t like flying or you simply love to drive, holiday at home in Australia means you can either: A) drive your own car or B) hire a car hassle-free. You know the road rules already and you feel comfortable with two hands behind the wheel.

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There’s HUGE variety
Rainforest, beaches, desert... Big cities, outback towns, quaint villages... Rivers, mountains, ski fields... Rail journeys, road trips, hiking trails. We really do have it all (and more!). The sheer variety of experiences, landscapes and places to take in is like having the whole world in your own backyard. Beyond the obvious, sometimes you just have to know where to look.
You don’t even have to leave the state
Don’t want to go far but need to get away? You don’t even have to leave the state to have an unforgettable holiday with a flavour far from what you’re used to at home.
There will always be more to see
With so much variety and such a massive land mass to explore, the truth is that you can never do it all. But you can try! From relaxing with a book beneath a river red gum by the Murray River to strolling across Sydney Harbour Bridge in search of magnificent views, anything and everything in between is possible.



It’s a rite of passage
It’s what the Grey Nomad years are all about. Taking it easy, exploring at your own pace and finally taking the time to see why Australia is the lucky country. Discovering every nook and cranny of your own backyard is a rite of passage that you can’t ignore.

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