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Top places to tick off your bucket list in 2017

4th January 2017

A new year brings new adventures! Make 2017 the year you make a dent in your bucket list. Wherever in the world has you daydreaming, we can tailor make a holiday to bring your wildest dreams to life. Here’s a wrap up of the top bucket list experiences to tick off in 2017.



See the Northern Lights in Iceland
It’s as beautiful as it sounds – that magical dance of lights that is the aurora borealis. A once in a lifetime sight, the full glory and grandeur of the show as the colours spring to life on the dark night skies are sure to leave you breathless.



Relax in an over water bungalow in the Maldives
There’s no better beach time accommodation than the type that straddles the crystal clear waters below. The Maldives are the perfect spot to embrace the luxury and prime position of an overwater bungalow, with ample in store and some of the clearest ocean waters on the planet to admire right on your doorstep.
See nature at its best in the Galapagos
Glimpse fascinating wildlife on this remote volcanic archipelago off the west coast of South America. The Galapagos Islands play home to myriad of creatures from playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises to flamingos and lava lizards. It’s also picture perfect for its unique landscapes and white sand beaches drifting into azure blue waters.



Live like a local in Tuscany
Tuscany is one of Italy’s most romantic spots to slow the pace of your travels and stop for a while to soak up the local life. Tuck into great food and wine in this region of beautiful landscapes and charming accommodation between visits to art galleries and culturally rich villages and towns.

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Get up close with wild gorillas in Africa
In the forests of Uganda and Kenya lurk some of the country’s most fascinating creatures – wild gorillas. With safari experts on hand to lead the way, track down and come face to face with these incredible primates in their natural habitat for a wilderness experience you will never forget.



Drive Route 66 in a convertible
It’s the iconic drive that’s been praised in song, book and film. The only way to do Route 66? In a shiny convertible as you cruise through interesting towns, historic sites and unique landscapes on this historic stretch.
Do the Trans-Siberian Railway Asia to Europe
Step on board for the rail journey of a lifetime. This famous rail route is truly unique, taking in a vast patchwork of landscapes, cities and experiences through Central Asia and Europe.



Dive the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s greatest gems – best admired from in the water. Diving is one of the best ways to up close and witness the incredible array of hard and soft corals and marine life beneath the water’s surface that make this one of the world’s most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  
Cruise the Kimberley 
The remote and untouched Kimberley coast lures travellers for its stunning gorges and waterfalls, islands and reefs. Cruise through this stunning piece of Australia for the best way see it in all its glory.



Discover happiness in Bhutan
The vivid colour of Bhutan goes beyond its dramatic landscapes, monasteries and fascinating traditions. One of the happiest countries on Earth, it may only be small but it packs a punch in the culture department that will leave you enthralled by every moment.
Fly Business Class on a long haul journey
Every traveller has to experience what it’s like to fly up the pointy end of the plane at least once in their life. Experience the perks, from priority check-in to the spacious cabins and exceptional service on board.  
Step foot on Antarctica
It’s the ultimate bucket list destination. Antarctica captivates all who step foot on this icy paradise. Picture perfect panoramas, unique wildlife moments and stories to tell over and over again for the rest of your life await. 

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