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Divine Hong Kong Street Eats to Tuck Into

14th November 2016

Like to eat a city as much as you see it? Taste Hong Kong bite by bite while on a dedicated Hong Kong Street Eats Tour for the inside tips on where to go and what to eat. From classic local snacks served at street-side take-away windows to delicious eateries or restaurants, here is a wrap up of the best local must eats while visiting Hong Kong!



Egg Waffles
Egg waffles are at the very top of the must-try street eats in Hong Kong. They're puffy and delicious! The best spot to try them? Down one of the side streets in Causeway Bay. The egg waffles at the family-owned Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles are famously good - so much so that it's a popular stop for many celebrities. 



Clay Pot Rice & Deep fried Breadsticks
Next up on the list of Hong Kong street eats? A bowl of savoury clay pot ginger chicken rice. Chicken is the obvious choice, you also find many other variations if you're looking to be a little adventurous with your taste buds. Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice in Yau Ma Tei is loved for its cured duck leg, eel and frog clay pot rice. But you can also find variations from chicken feet and liver sausage to salted fish clay pot rice. While you're at it, be sure to order some ‘youzha gui’ (deep fried breadsticks) as a side. 



Milk Tea & Egg Tarts
While you're out and about, drop into a local-style Hong Kong cafe for a cup of ‘yuanyang’ or milk tea - the perfect afternoon tea treat. It's milk tea brewed with coffee – a great caffeine hit. Pair this with a delicious flaky egg tart pastry to make it all complete. These shortcrust beauties are filled with creamy custard and can be found in traditional bakeries around Hong Kong.

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Pineapple Buns
This tasty street eat surprisingly contains no pineapple, but just one look and you'll notice its shape resembles pineapple skin. This treat is a fluffy, sugary bun best served hot with butter - a great breaky option whilst on the go.



'Dai pai dong'
For more great local bites, check out ‘dai pai dong’, which is a local pop up open-air street food stall or cart. You'll find a huge range of flavours to feast on, including traditional stir fry noodles, seafood, broths, dim sum and fried rice. You can usually pick up a local beer to wash it all down with as well. 
Other foodie stops
Another great foodie experience to simply wander the local wet markets, where locals go to stock up on groceries from fresh produce to a vast array of dried meats, condiments, and spices at the markets. 
All over Hong Kong, there are many more local cuisines to try out, from humble eateries to luxury restaurants. However, to get the local experience and have someone show you the ins and outs of where to go and take you up secret side-streets, a street eats foodie tour should be on your Hong Kong to do list, like the street eats tour by Buffalo Tours. This offers the best authentic experience; so savour the aromas and atmosphere and indulge in the amazing flavours on offer – it’s too hard to resist!

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