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5 Ways APT Rules the Rivers of Europe

10th November 2016

Winding waterways connecting multifaceted cities to medieval villages were once the lifeblood of Europe; today, these ancient arteries steer curious travellers towards unexpected surprises and soul-stirring experiences. Few river cruise lines showcase the delights of the Rhine, Main, Danube and Douro rivers quite like APT’s luxurious and enlightening river cruises. Here’s why you should let APT lead the way in 2017.


See the sights with APT.
APT Europe ship.

Cruise ship on water.

In pursuit of perfection
Put your plans in the hands of the experts – the Australian, family-owned travel experts, that is. APT founder Bill McGreary began creating enriching travel experiences in 1927, a legacy his family continues today. APT introduced Europe river cruising to discerning Australian travellers over 20 years ago and in that time, cemented its reputation as one of the most innovative cruise lines in Europe. As the recipients of the 2015 and 2016 awards for Australia’s Best River Cruise Operator by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), rest assured you’re travelling with the best in the business.
All-inclusive travel, guaranteed
All-inclusive luxury is the hallmark of APT river cruises; the price you pay reflects every element of the experience. There’s little need to open your wallet on board when everything from airport transfers to onboard dining, drinks and sightseeing are included. Plus, once your deposit has been paid, you can relax knowing your fare won’t increase or be affected by any currency fluctuations.

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Dining on board is a treat.

The little luxuries on board
Cue the fine food and wine, pianist and brilliant sunsets; life on board an APT river cruise is one of indulgence. You’ll leave the everyday behind as you glide languidly down these glittering stretches in a luxurious floating hotel. Elegantly appointed staterooms and suites offer uninterrupted views of the passing scenes; discerning diners will be spoiled with a wide range of decadent meals on board; and welcoming, hospitable staff can cater to your every whim.
Signature experiences
APT removes the hassle of holiday planning by including a broad spectrum of exclusive activities where you can choose to do as much or as little as you please. Included as part of every APT Collection holiday, unique Signature Experiences complement your sightseeing and offer a perspective greater than what the average traveller could ever expect. These exclusive experiences have been carefully designed to help you gain a greater understanding of the places you visit. You could find yourself dining with royalty in Germany, savouring Michelin-starred fare in France, or attending a private classical concert featuring members of the Mozart Boys Choir in Vienna.


Enjoy luxurious cabins.

Your holiday, your way
APT’s inclusions are a careful edit of some of Europe’s greatest experiences, but that’s not to say you always have to follow the crowd. APT’s Freedom of Choice concept presents included sightseeing activities so you can tailor the journey to suit your interests. Plus, ample free time is built into each itinerary for you to make your own onshore discoveries or simply lay back and soak up the serenity on the ship. 

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