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5 Ways A Tailor-Made Airfare Makes Your Holiday Better

2nd November 2016

Every dream holiday begins with a dream airfare. Bring your perfect escape to life with a tailored multi-stop airfare that combines the best destinations in the world. We’ve created the ultimate airfare range – spanning double-stop, triple-stop and multi-stop journeys – so you can do and see it all in one go. Here are five reasons why a Tailor-Made Airfare offers so much more than your regular fare. 
Considering most travellers are looking to explore more than just the one destination they’re flying in and out of, your standard return airfare can be limiting. That’s where a Tailor-Made Airfare offers the perfect solution – the flexibility to fly into one point and out of another while incorporating one or more extra stops in popular destinations along the way. Plus, you still get to choose how many days you spend at each stop for a well-rounded holiday.


A Tailor-Made Airfare does more than your regular airfare.

Whether you’re embarking on a comprehensive, in-depth tour of one country, enjoying a quick stopover to break up a long-haul journey or travelling around the world in one amazing trip, only a Tailor-Made Airfare can bring that kind of variety to life in a way that’s both straightforward and hassle free. With a range of exciting flying routes to choose from, injecting a little extra flair into your next getaway has never been easier.

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See more for less
When you consider the time, cost and effort it takes to plan multiple holidays, it quickly becomes clear that it’s both easier and cheaper to roll a few extra destinations into the works for your next getaway. Why not tick off a few extra bucket-list stops in the one go and save all that flying back and forth? Similarly, our multi-stop Tailor-Made Air routes offer the chance to discover new places that you may have never before imagined stepping foot in.


Do a holiday that includes more than one dream destination.

Combine classes
Have you always wondered what it’s like flying up the pointy end of the plane in first or business class? Do you like the idea of upgrading to a higher cabin class for the longest leg of your journey so you can arrive feeling refreshed and comfortable? With a Tailor-Made Airfare, you can fly in mixed cabin classes on different legs of your journey. Unlike regular airfares where you fly the same class both ways, this is your chance to mix and match your cabins so can have the kind of in-flight experience you may have only ever dreamt of before.
Dream routes
The Tailor-Made Air range has been handcrafted by the experts to bring together the most popular and in-demand destinations in the world. You can trust every route lends itself to an unforgettable holiday that surpasses all others. Created with you specifically in mind, the entire collection has been built based on feedback from both our travel experts and customers to create the ultimate routes. If it’s still not exactly what you’re looking for, we will happily tweak your airfare to bring your dream route to life. 

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