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5 Reasons Why Globus is the Best in Guided Touring

1st November 2016

Researching, organising and scheduling can often take some of the excitement out of holiday planning. Going your own way certainly has its benefits, but when you want to simply relax on an easy escape, it’s better to let the experts take the lead. Globus and its network of local guides bring to life centuries past throughout a range of inspiring journeys, while ensuring not a moment of your precious holiday time is wasted on any of the ‘boring bits’. Here’s how.


Enjoy hotels in central locations.

Superior hotels
Arriving in a new city and hauling your suitcase across cobblestones in the wrong direction of your hotel is a sure-fire way to leave a bad first impression. Not to mention facing lengthy check-in queues when you’ve just travelled halfway across the world. Globus Tour Directors take away the hassle by getting you from A to B with ease and handling the check-in procedure in hotels chosen for their comfort and convenience to major city sights. So if you’re visiting Venice, rest assured you’re staying in style in the heart of the city.


Enjoy VIP access to sights.
Enjoy VIP access to sights.

VIP access
Basking beneath the European summer sun is a must at least once in your lifetime. But of course, everyone else has the same idea. Instead of facing seemingly never-ending queues at the Eiffel Tower, Globus ensures you’re treated like a VIP wherever you travel. Waste no time waiting behind crowds to major attractions, as you’ll be whisked straight to the entrance. Plus relationships with local experts forged over the last eight decades means you enjoy behind-the-scenes experiences that other independent travellers may otherwise miss out on. Now that’s VIP treatment.

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The day-to-day extras
Maintaining a first-rate reputation for the last 88 years means continually raising the bar in world-class touring. With Globus, you’ll travel in absolute luxury and comfort on private deluxe motorcoaches fitted with extra legroom and Wi-Fi (so you can keep in touch with the family back home), and the use of headsets allows you the freedom to roam through attractions without missing any of your guide’s commentary. Plenty of free time ensures you can make your own discoveries along the way, too.


Let the experts lead the way.

Expert guides
With Globus, you journey in the company of genuine local experts – Tour Directors and Local Guides from the region through which you’re travelling. These passionate locals and often quirky, endearing characters will share their in-depth knowledge on guided excursions, as well as point you in the right direction of their favourite bistro, bar or shopping strip. It’s these kinds of insider tips that you wouldn’t usually find in a travel guide that sets Globus apart.
A culinary odyssey
Aside from local recommendations and guidance, there’s no better way to get to the heart and soul of a destination than by taking a bite. Globus place a heavy emphasis on culinary landscapes, no matter if you’re snacking on fish and chips along the coast of England or savouring olives and cheese among the vineyards of Tuscany. From hearty breakfasts every morning to wine tastings and traditional banquet feasts, Globus ensure you get a true taste of each region.

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