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Shopping in Tokyo

18th July 2016

Shop ‘til you drop in Tokyo, Japan’s enthralling capital. This bustling big city delights in the revelry of retail therapy with multi-storey department stores at every turn. Whether you’re on the hunt for new fancy electronics or a colourful Japanese-inspired outfit, Tokyo has it all.


Tokyo Shopping in Ginza

Top of the list is Ginza, the most affluent shopping strip in Tokyo. Here you will find a wide selection of stores, ranging from fashion boutiques to glamorous department stores. Keep your eyes peeled for unique offering such as Itōya, boasting nine floors of beautiful stationery and the legendary toy park, Hakuhinkan. Ginza is also home to various flagship stores of international designers such as Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors, alongside high street brands like Uniqlo and Abercrombie and Fitch.


Step out of the busy train station and be immersed in the chaos of Shinjuku. Surrounded by flashing neon flights and soaring skyscrapers, you will join hordes of people seeking a taste of retail therapy. Shinjuku station is home to one of the largest shopping complexes in Japan, including the famous Lumine department store. Music lovers will be in heaven at Disk Union, with eight floors of second-hand vinyl and CDs to browse.


Tokyo Shopping in Shibuya

Known as Tokyo’s trendiest shopping destination, Shibuya is worth visiting for the quirky fashions alone. For clothes and accessories, head to Shibuya 109, a 10-floor shopping mall dedicated to all the latest fashion trends of Tokyo. For quirky inventions, don’t miss a visit to the famous Tokyo Hands store, selling just about everything you could think of. Expect to find beauty products, handbags, stationary, kitchenware, toys and plenty of miscellaneous items.

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Asakusa’s main attraction is Sensoji, a seventh century Buddhist temple, however it pays to stick around and enjoy a spot of shopping afterwards. Begin at the nearby Nakamise shopping street, home to more than 50 stores and pick up a few souvenirs. Move on to Shin-Nakamise, one of the oldest shopping streets in Tokyo or visit the eight storey Mastsuya department store. The Rox shopping centre hosts a variety of stores including a 24-hour supermarket on the basement level.


Tokyo Shopping in Akihabara

If you’re on the hunt for electronics, visit the neighbourhood of Akihabara. Yodobashi Camera is an enormous retail outlet housing every kind of electronic item imaginable. The superstore is known for its huge range of products and accessories, from televisions to computers to an entire section dedicated solely to batteries. For old-school electronics, visit the Akiharbara Radio Center nestled under the elevated railway.

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