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7 Reasons to Cruise Fiji

18th April 2016

There’s something about Fiji that is so intoxicating. It’s not just the sea, the sun and the palm-fringed beaches. Everywhere you go, you’ll be greeted with a loud warm BULA! Fijians know how to be happy.

But if you want to experience the real Fiji, you need to go beyond the boundaries of your beautiful resort, and explore its many islands. It is, after all, called The Fiji Islands.

There are quite a few ways to explore Fiji’s islands. You can choose your own island hopping adventure with an Awesome Adventures Fiji Bula Pass, allowing you to hop-on and hop-off the islands of your choosing, staying on a different island each night, but the easiest option is a cruise.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji has a wide range of cruise itineraries – from day 3-day cruises through the Yasawas, to 11-night trips to the outer Lau group of islands.

Here are a few reasons to cruise the Fiji Islands.

1. Wake up on a different island every day.

Every night a gorgeous sunset, perhaps enjoyed with a cocktail and canapés on deck, and every morning a beautiful new island to explore. That’s reason enough already right? Explore remote Pacific islands without much effort on your part.

A new day brings new islands and new adventures in Fiji. A new day brings new islands - and new adventures.

2. Lounge around on untouched beaches, on uninhabited islands.

Small ship cruises can take you to uninhabited islands you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience. In the Yasawas, you can visit deserted beaches like Nuku-i-Mana, the beautiful Sacred Islands and Monuriki, former residence of Tom Hanks and Wilson in the movie Castaway.

Witness untouched shores on uninhabited islands on a Fiji cruise. Witness untouched shores on uninhabited islands.

3. Visit remote communities and have dinner with the locals.

Imagine landing on a remote island and being welcomed by a group of friendly, smiling Fijians, who invite you into their village to share kava, put on a lively performance of music and dance, and prepare a sumptuous feast baked on hot stones underground. These people know how to make you feel welcome, and you’ll find it hard not to get up and dance with them.

Meet locals in Fiji's remote communities, like Makogai Island, accessible by cruise. Meet locals in remote communities, like Makogai Island.

4. Learn a bit about Fiji’s history.

Fiji, like most Pacific island nations, has an interesting colonial history. On Captain Cook’s Colonial Cruise, you get to wander through Fiji’s old colonial capital of Levuka, which hasn’t changed much since the 19th century, and resembles something from the Wild West. Also on the itinerary, a visit to Makogai, a former leper colony, now home to a lively village community as well as a clam and turtle research centre.

On a cruise to the remote Lau islands you’ll learn about the island groups’ Tongan heritage and hear the story of Ma’afu, a Tongan prince who brought Christianity to eastern Fiji and became a Fijian chief.

Step off to explore Fiji's old colonial capital of Levuk. Explore the old colonial capital of Levuk.

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5. Dive and snorkel pristine Coral reefs.

Being on a cruise ship means you’re able to access a range of remote dive sites not easily accessible from the mainland, and because you’re already on the water, you’ll usually get to them before anyone else joins you from neighbouring islands. Quite often you’ll have pristine reefs like Taveuni’s Rainbow Reef and Great White Wall, or Savusavu’s colourful bommies, all to yourself.

Access remote dive sites with ease on a Fiji cruise. Access remote dive sites with ease.

6. Visit remote landscapes and swim under waterfalls.

Visit waterfalls only accessible by sea, and wander through lush green rainforest to beautiful freshwater swimming spots such as the triple Bouma falls in Taveuni. In the Yasawas, visit the Sawa-i-lau Limestone caves beach and the famous Blue Lagoon and in the Lau group, go kayaking around unique mushroom-shaped islands in the turquoise lagoons of Vanuabalavu and Fulaga.

A Fiji cruise doesn't mean forgoing Bouma falls in Taveuni. There's still time for Bouma falls in Taveuni.

7. Make life-long friends with the crew.

A small ship cruise is a fairly intimate experience, so you’ll get to know your crew quite well – in fact by the time you leave you’ll think you’re lifelong friends. Fijians have an amazing gift for remembering names – in fact they have a gift for remembering everything about you, including what drink you prefer at beer-o’clock.

It's easy to make friends with the smiling crew members on a small ship cruise in Fiji. Smiling crew members become friends on a small ship cruise.

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