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Your Story: The Highlights of Canada

28th March 2016

Meredith McNab from Brisbane recently returned from a three-week holiday in Canada. Touring the country with her husband Greg, Meredith ticked Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal off her bucket list. Today, we're chatting to Meredith about her experience to find out the best tips on where to go, what to do and most importantly, where to eat!

Canada Beautiful Vancouver

Tell us about your recent holiday

We were lucky enough to explore Vancouver, Toronto, Niagara Falls and Montreal. In Vancouver, we enjoyed a city tour and took a lovely walk around Stanley Park. We were also able to see the magnificent Christmas Parade and make the most of the good shopping.

Canada The skyscrapers in Toronto

In Toronto we visited the Christmas Markets and scoured the heights of the CNN Tower, which has its own revolving restaurant. The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto was fabulous. The actual building is very grand and even though I’m not a hockey aficionado, I found it very interesting.

We took the train from Toronto to Montreal, which provided a wonderful outlook across the snow covered landscapes. Our travel consultant gave us great advice about booking business class train tickets, which gave us access to a lounge, priority boarding, all meals and Wi-Fi.

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Montreal Shopping in Montreal is often underground

What were the highlights of your holiday?

Shopping in general was so easy, even in Montreal when it was snowing. They have a great underground network of tunnels that make shopping a breeze. Niagara Falls was incredible. The day we arrived it was very cold and in the evening we were able to watch fresh snow fall as we ate dinner. We also had a tour around the area which included a winery visit where we were able to sample ice wine.

Is there anything you would do differently next time?

I would take a couple more days to explore Vancouver and the surrounding areas. In fact, we have already booked our next trip to Canada through our travel consultant in Cleveland as she did such a great job last time.

Niagara Falls Thundering Nigara Falls

Any insider tips?

A great place to eat in Vancouver is Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House in Thurlow Street. It wasn’t cheap but boasts a great ambience, fantastic service and delicious seafood. We are planning on going back on our next trip!

Toronto has a very reliable and convenient transit system made up of trolleys, subways and buses, which is a great way to get around.

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