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A Taste of Montreal

8th March 2016

The French-Canadian city of Montreal captivates with its cobblestone streets and European charm. You’ll find trendy eateries all over the city serving up classic French dishes and modern Canadian cuisine. Browse the colourful produce at gourmet farmers markets or dine at one of city’s top notch restaurants. From cheese curd and gravy to sticky maple candy, you will never go hungry in Montreal.


Poutine is a famous Canadian dish consisting of French fries covered in brown gravy and topped with pieces of cheese curd. To ensure the fries remain crisp, the gravy and cheese curd are only added at the time of serving. Typically sold right across the city in diners, fast-food joints and high end restaurants, the tasty dish is a must-try.

Poutine is an iconic Canadian dish. Poutine is an iconic Canadian dish.

Montreal Bagel

You will first recognise a Montreal bagel by its shape as it is usually smaller and thinner than the average bagel. Montreal bagels are typically boiled in honey-infused water and then wood-fired to produce a chewy texture, shiny exterior and sweet flavour. They are topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds and are often served with cream cheese spread.

The Montreal bagel is no ordinary bagel. The Montreal bagel is no ordinary bagel.

Maple Taffy

Also known as Tire sur la neige, maple taffy is perfect for those with a raging sweet tooth. The popular sugar candy is made by boiling maple sap until it forms a sweet taffy. Cooler regions will pour the boiling mixture directly onto snow before wrapping it around a popsicle stick to eat. You can find the golden candy at maple speciality stores.

Who could resist maple candy? Who could resist maple candy?

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A French-Canadian favourite, Tourtière is a thick chunky meat pie made with finely ground pork. It is flavoured with a variety of spices and is often served at the holiday table around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Occasionally, you will also find the flaky golden pastry filled with lamb, beef, duck or even game. It is usually served with a homemade ketchup-style sauce.

Tourtière is a French-Canadian favourite. Tourtière is a French-Canadian favourite.

Smoked Meat

You will find Montreal-style smoked meat sandwiches on the menu around town at local delis and restaurants. Often served on rye bread with a slathering of mustard, the meat is marinated with a secret recipe of spices and then smoked for hours. This labour-intensive method of cooking results in a tender and rich cut of meat, recognizable by its bright pink colouring.

Don't miss the smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal. Don't miss the smoked meat sandwiches.

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