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Escape Travel's Top 10 Blogs in February

1st March 2016

Every month we work hard to bring you the latest travel inspiration, news and stacks of great advice to keep you travelling in the air, on land and most of all, in your mind. Whether you’re daydreaming, researching or just having a wee look around, it seems our readers were busy delving into all things Europe, Australia and the USA in February. From hidden Aussie gems to forever-wonderful bucket list sights in the UK, here’s a glimpse at what you enjoyed reading most.

1. Secret's Out - 10 Hidden Aussie Gems Revealed

Uluru. Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Great Ocean Road. While there’s no denying their laudable standing on any classic Aussie bucket list, Australia is bigger than its biggest, most blaringly boasted claims to fame. So much bigger. Opt for one of these hidden Aussie gems.

Get off the beaten track at home at Cape Range National Park in Western Australia. Get off the beaten track at home.

2. How to Pass the Time on a Long-Haul Flight

Dreading that long-haul flight? It doesn’t have to be all clock-watching and leg-wriggling from take-off to landing. Our sanity savers will help you make of the most of your transit time.

Make your next flight go faster. Keep yourself entertained! Make your next flight go faster.

3. 5 Must-See Sights That Won't Be Here Forever

Sometimes travel takes a back seat to other things in life. But there are some experiences that just can’t wait. Here are five sights around the world that might not be the same or even here anymore the next time you think about going to see them.

Don't take travel for granted. Don't take travel for granted.

4. Spotlight on Airlines Flying to Europe

When it comes to that long-haul flight to Europe, it pays to know exactly what to expect once you step onboard. From the cabins to the stopovers and the flight routes, every airline is different. Here’s a guide.

Know what to expect on a flight to Europe. Know what to expect on a flight to Europe.

5. 10 Aussie Bucket List Adventures

Right here in our own backyard, we have natural wonders, world renowned attractions and award-winning beaches. There is so much to do and see in Australia. We’ve collected the best our country has to offer and put together ten Aussie adventures to tick off your bucket list. How many have you done?

It's time to tick off a few Aussie icons. It's time to tick off a few Aussie icons.

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Catch an event. You're Invited to our River Cruising Info Nights

Did you know? Important USA ESTA Changes Effective Immediately

6. Your Story: 3 Wonderful Months in Europe, Tailor Made

Margaret Thomas from Brisbane recently returned from a wonderful three month Tailor-Made Holiday in Europe. Passionate about getting off the beaten track a little to truly discover the local life, she also wanted to tick a few big-name attractions off her bucket list. Here, she tells all.

Europe is perfect for a Tailor Made holiday. Europe is perfect for a Tailor Made holiday.

7. Alternative Stopovers En Route to Europe

Most people think Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai when it comes to stopovers on that clock-watching, achy leg-wriggling flight to Europe. Been there, done that? Consider an alternative stopover en route.

 Stopover somewhere different and explore. Stopover somewhere different and explore.

8. 12 Months Interest Free - Book Now, Pay Later!

Did you know you can enjoy 12 months interest-free holiday finance on your next getaway? Whether you’d like to make some extra interest while you boost your memory bank or simply prefer the comfort of having a solid plan in place, find out more about how you can book your dream travels, interest free.

Book your dream holiday, interest-free. Book your dream holiday, interest free.

9. Our Top 10 Picks of the USA

Are the bright lights of the USA calling? Whether you’re dreamin’ of a California summer or a white Christmas in New York, the United States packs a punch when it comes to adventure. Here are our top 10 picks.

The USA is full of amazing experiences. The USA is full of amazing experiences.

10. Top 5 Bucket List Attractions in the UK

Wining your way to Europe? The United Kingdom beckons us all. Whether you would rather explore ancient castles, sip high tea inside a royal palace or sail along a mysterious loch, a holiday to the UK will be an adventure and fairytale all in one. Here are 5 bucket list attractions.


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