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How to Pass the Time on a Long-Haul Flight

22nd February 2016

Dreading that long-haul flight? It doesn't have to be all clock-watching and leg-wriggling from take-off to landing. Our sanity savers will help you make of the most of your transit time.

1. Lounge around

Start off your journey in the comfortable surrounds of an airport lounge where you can enjoy a selection of drinks, light bites, shower facilities and free Wi-Fi. You can purchase one-off passes if you're not a member.

Qantas First Class Lounge. Qantas First Class Lounge.

2. Pamper yourself

Take the spa to the sky. Pack your favourite beauty products to refresh before landing. Consider bringing cloth masks, face mists, hydrating serum and moisturiser in your carry-on.

3. Get moving

Go for a stroll down up and down the aisles. No doubt you've packed your DVT socks, but an improvised exercise session is another great way to get the blood flowing, as well as stretch your limbs.

4. Learn the lingo

Brush up on some local lingo. Bide your time by learning a few key phrases in each of the countries you'll be visiting. Your efforts will be well received and much appreciated by any locals you meet.

Find ways to enjoy your flight time. There are many ways to pass the time.

5. TV marathon

Catch up on your shows. There's nothing wrong with feeling like a coach potato when flying. Take advantage of the hundreds of hours of TV shows, films and documentaries as part of your in-flight entertainment.

6. Zzzzzz...

Take a snooze. Pack your favourite pillow, noise-cancelling headphones and an eye-mask to help create a prime, peaceful environment for facilitating some quality shut-eye.

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Top 5 Sky-high Reads

There's nothing like killing the time on a long-haul flight with a book you just can't put down. From gripping murder mysteries to feel-good reads, our pick of sky-high reads is full of intrigue, laughs and extravagance.

Read a new book on your flight. Read a new book on your flight.

1. Etta and Otto and Russell and James, by Emma Hooper

In this heart-warming tale, 83-year old Etta sets off alone on foot from her farm and husband in the Canadian prairies to see the ocean for the first time, 3,000 kilometres away.

2. Beautiful Ruins: A Novel, by Jess Walter

Hilarious and romantic, Jess Walter weaves a lavish time-travelling story between bohemian life on the Ligurian Sea and modern-day Hollywood with a cast of idealistic actors, artists, innkeepers and novelists.

3. The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins

Rachel catches glimpses of the same couple going about their lives en route of her daily work commute. However, one day, she sees something truly shocking which sets in motion a chilling series of events...

4. Inferno, by Dan Brown

Back in Italy, Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon is once again drawn into a thrilling world of good versus evil as he battles a harrowing adversary centred on the mysterious Dante's Inferno text.

5. Tropical Wonderland, by Millie Marotta

Never mind those page turners, lose yourself in a technicolour world of your own creation. A highly enjoyable mindful activity, colour within the lines or add your own artistic adaptation.

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