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Escape Travel's Top 10 Blogs in January

3rd February 2016

Can’t resist a bit of travel juice to get the holiday ideas flowing? Travel inspiration is what we do best! January was full of insightful and interesting travel stories, handy holiday tips and some breaking travel news too. From 6-star expedition cruising to zippy long weekends away and our most-loved beaches, here’s a glimpse at what you enjoyed reading the most in January.

1. The Best of 2016: Emerging

It seems travellers are really itching to get off the beaten track! And with so many fascinating destinations around the world that don’t immediately spring to mind but are nonetheless amazing, it’s no wonder. From the newly-accessible lands of Myanmar to the wonders of Turkey, read our top picks of the world’s emerging hotspots.

Experience emerging destinations before everybody else does Experience emerging destinations before everybody else does.

2. The Best of 2016: Beaches

Beach breaks never go out of fashion – rainbow-coloured towels, new swimmers and floppy hats are always welcome. But don’t settle for just any stretch of sand to dip your toes into. Lap up only the best beaches in 2016.

Hanging out for a beach break in 2016? Hanging out for a beach break in 2016?

3. The Best of 2016: Cruising

First-time cruisers become repeat-cruisers and those who’ve never cruised are always wondering what all the fuss is about. Who could resist a floating hotel full of entertainment and new destinations at the front door? Unpack once on these incredible cruises.

Cruise Europe, Asia, Europe and more! Cruise Europe, Asia, Europe and more!

4. 14 Tips for First Time Cruisers

When you’ve never sailed the high seas it can be hard to know what to expect, what to pack and how to go about it. So here we’ve got a heap of great tips to make that first cruise a  breeze. Even if you’re not a first-timer, you may well pick up an extra tip or two!

 Make your first cruise a great cruise. Make your first cruise a great cruise.

5. 3 Holiday Ideas for Single Mature Travellers

There’s no reason why mature travellers can’t set off on their own solo journey, just like all those young ones venturing off with mighty backpacks strapped to their shoulders. Here’s a look at some of the best forms of travel for older travellers going it alone.

 Travelling solo is full of rewards.

Travel News. What to Expect in the World of Travel in 2016

Star-studded inspiration. Celebrity Travel with 'Dynasty' Glamour Girl, Linda Evans

See Australia. Secret's Out - 10 Hidden Aussie Gems Revealed

6. Asian Beach Off: Thailand versus Bali

It’s always hard to pick between the big-name beach destinations and there’s no dismissing the fact that Bali and Thailand are regularly tossed up as options in the minds of sun-seeking vacationers. What’s the difference between the two? Find out.

Enjoy beautiful beaches galore. Enjoy beautiful beaches galore.

7. How to Travel More in 2016

It’s a common New Year’s resolution – to travel more and see the world, live life and truly appreciate what’s around us. The same goes for domestic travel. There’s always somewhere new to explore, even if just for a weekend. Enjoy these pointers as to how to incorporate more travel into your life in 2016.

Travel more in 2016. Who doesn't want to travel more in 2016?

8. 6-Star Luxury Yacht Scenic Eclipse Announced

Like it luxury? Scenic is taking luxury to a whole new level with the announcement of a 6-star yacht in its fleet. Yes, that’s right – 6 stars! What does that even look like? For starters, a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, two helicopters on deck, a submarine and 12 zodiacs for exploring. Get the whole extravagant rundown on the blog.

Relax by the pool in 6-star luxury. (Image: Scenic)

9. What's New in Cruise in 2016

Like to keep you finger on the pulse when it comes to cruising? Or just looking out for the newest cruise ships in town to board? We’ve got the latest updates right here, from the largest cruise ship ever to sail Aussie waters to an impressive line-up of innovative ship features at sea.

What are the newest ships to Aussie shores? Discover the newest ships to Aussie shores.

10. Unforgettable Long Weekend Holidays

You don’t have to save up all year, wait in eager anticipation and then do it all at once. Sometimes a leisurely long weekend away can do as much good as a whole week in a brand new destination. Here are some of Australia's best long-weekend getaways within easy reach of our capitals.

Rottnest Island is a great weekend escape. Rottnest Island is a top weekend escape.

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