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Why Use a Travel Money Card

22nd January 2016

Forget about fumbling with your finances on holidays. A Travel Money Card is a safe and easy way to carry your cash overseas. With simple top-up options and the ability to carry multiple currencies, it really is a convenient way to travel. Here are 8 easy reasons to consider travelling with a Travel Money Card on your next holiday.

 Finances don't have to be a hassle on holidays.

1. Multiple currencies

Most Travel Money Cards allow you to load multiple currencies onto the one card – perfect for those travelling to multiple destinations in one trip.

2. Easy top-up

It can be hard to budget the perfect amount for your holiday so if you need a little extra cash, you can easily top-up your card using online banking.

3. Simple withdrawal

Most Travel Money Cards allow you to withdraw local currency from many participating ATM’s – handy for when you need cash in hand.

4. Fixed Exchange Rate

A Travel Money Card will allow you to pre-load your card with multiple currencies at a fixed exchange rate, avoiding unpleasant currency fluctuations.

5. Easy payment

Many restaurants and shopping retailers will accept payment from popular Travel Money Card in place of a regular credit card.

6. Chip and PIN Protected

Rest assured your Travel Money Card is chip and PIN protected and will usually come with a free second backup card.

7. Global Assistance

Many Travel Money Cards will offer global assistance so no matter your destination you can get the help you need if your card gets lost or stolen.

8. Online banking

You can also easily track your spending and check your balances online.

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