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Captivating Images Of Tourists 100 Years Ago

12th December 2015

Travellers in England 100 years ago required five to 10 days to reach Egypt, 10 to 20 days to reach California, and more than 40 days to reach the most far-flung corners of the planet, including parts of Australia, Africa and South America. So count yourself lucky there are now direct flights to multiple countries.

Today we've unearthed 27 captivating images of tourists from bygone eras, starting with this image of local porters assisting a party of Victorian visitors to the summit of Mount Vesuvius - including one in a sedan chair. What luxury.

 Holidaying on Mt Vesuvius (Image: Getty)

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 Tourist clamber up the side of an Egyptian pyramid. Climbing the monuments is now banned (Image: Getty)
 A group of tourists in Oberammergau prepare to hit the slopes in 1928 (Image: Getty)
 Victorian tourists finish a tour of a salt mine in Obersalzberg (Image: Getty)
 Visitors to the Statue of Liberty lean out of its head (Image: Getty)
 Bathing machines shelter shy holidaymakers from prying eyes at St-Leonards-on-Sea in 1895 (Image: Getty)
 Camping in the Chiltern Hills in 1929. Who needs an iPod dock (Image: Getty)
 Tourist activities in Venice haven't changed - though the price of a gondola ride certainly has (Image: Getty)
 A trip to the Colosseum in 1860 (Image: Getty)
 A sleeping car on the Canadian Pacific Railway (Image: Getty)
 Visitors admire Niagara Falls from Prospect Point, on the US side (Image: Getty)
 Tourists descend the Rigi Mountain in Switzerland in 1870 (Image: Getty)

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