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Escape Travel's Top 10 Blogs for September

2nd October 2015

Travel inspiration is our forte! Every day we’re left daydreaming of far off adventures and fabulous getaways in our own backyard. But what have you been daydreaming? It seems Europe has been on your mind, from gloriously historic Rome to the many wonders of the UK. There’s also been quite a focus on some wonderful beach and cruise destinations. Find out more with this glimpse into what you’ve enjoyed reading most in September.

1. Bucket List Ideas: 30 Places to See in your Lifetime

Need some help to flesh out that bucket list? From the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canyon, this is a go-to guide for some inspiration and to get those global priorities in order.


2. Top 5 Bucket List Attractions in the UK

The UK is full of so many wonders of its own. You could spend months just exploring it all. This story delves into the top five must do sights to tick off that list in the United Kingdom.


3. Set Sail from Aussie Shores with Princess Cruises

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair on a cruise. And when you can step on board on home soil and jump off at new and exciting destinations around the world, there’s just no resisting!


4. At the Wheel: Europe’s Top Scenic Drives

Guided tours, trains and buses are a popular way to explore Europe, but the freedom that comes with four wheels makes driving a fantastic way to do it. And the scenery? Priceless!


5. Weird and Wonderful Beaches in Europe

The curving coastline of Europe means there’s no shortage of fabulous beaches, shores and coves to dip those toes in the sand. But don’t go for the ordinary – roll out that beach towel somewhere extraordinary!


6. Off the Beaten Track: 10 Unique Things to do in Rome

There’s a well-worn tourist track through Rome, and while every sight along the way is a must-do, there’s plenty more to see off the beaten track that will surprise you in the best of ways.


7. Bali VS Phuket for Couples

Bali and Phuket are two of our most popular beach destinations. Sun, sea, sand; they’ve both got it all. But how does one decide between the two? Here’s a rundown.


8. 10 Aussie Bucket List Adventures

It’s easy to flee for foreign shores in search of heart-stopping moments. But don’t forget: there’s a reason millions of tourists flock to ours every year too. Here’s an easy ten reasons why.


9. Explore Papua New Guinea by Cruise

Our closest neighbour, Papua New Guinea is a fascinating destination but yet one many overlook without a second thought. A great way to explore is by cruise. Take a closer look here.


10. 8 Foods You Must Try in Paris

No we’re not talking about frog legs and snails. This bakery-laden capital is brimming with must-try eats that will leave you with no hint of hesitation, from macarons to hot chocolate.


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