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8 Reasons to Make your Next Getaway a Cruise Holiday

4th September 2015

A cruise holiday is always good idea. Who could resist a floating hotel crossed with a mammoth entertainment complex that literally sails you around the world, putting forth a new destination on your doorstep every day? It's a cruisey life and it shouldn't take much convincing, but here are eight reasons to make your next getaway a cruise holiday.

Value for money

Cruises offer great value because it’s a great bundle of experiences rolled into the one convenient price. There’s everything you need for a fabulous holiday: accommodation, fabulous entertainment, a variety of dining options, incredible ship facilities, and helpful staff to help you know exactly where to find it all. The food flows all day long and the entertainment never stops. Plus, you get to travel to fascinating destinations.

Entertainment galore

Once you see the activity schedule you’ll see just how spoilt for choice you are, from trivia nights to world-class dance performances and educational seminars. But that’s just the start of it. Every ship is different, but the facilities alone could keep you busy 24 hours a day. There are casinos, pools, hot tubs, water slides, themed bars, specialty restaurants, extensive libraries, gyms, cinemas, lavish ballrooms, luxurious spas, ice skating rings, surf simulators, stunning lookouts... the list goes on and on!

 Stage shows offer just a taste of all the fun on board. Image: Princess Cruises

Unpack once

No more unpacking, packing, then unpacking and packing all over again! On a cruise holiday, you can unpack once in the comfort of your own private room and come back to find it all exactly where you left it. Your ship becomes your home away from home.

 Retreat to the privacy of your cabin at any time. Image: Cunard

Travel in safety

Curious about a destination but not sure if you can do it on your own? Do language barriers and foreign cultures sound tricky to manage? A cruise is a fabulous way to experience exotic and foreign destinations in a safe environment with plenty of fellow travellers and experts for guidance. Organise day tours and guides can lead you out to explore before returning to the comfort of your ship.

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Social atmosphere

The atmosphere on a cruise is contagiously festive and social. No other travel experience offers the chance to meet so many people from various backgrounds all in the one place. It’s not uncommon to bump into the same people over and over and some cruises also organise meet-ups for singles, making it even easier to make new friends.

 P&O offers celebrity chef dining at Salt Grill. Image: P&O Cruises

Wake up in a new destination

Instead of you having to move between cities and countries, the ship does all the hard work for you. Wake up in a new destination every day, without having to worry about spending countless hours sitting still on a flight, train or bus and then having to navigate a new city every time.

 Step off in exotic destionations to explore the local culture.

Easy to plan

With all the finer details already taken care of from the minute you step on board, all you have to do in the lead-up to your cruise holiday is pick a ship, choose an itinerary and select a cabin with all the creature comforts you’re looking for. No need to search for hotels, flights, transfers and tours!

Life on board is cruisy

You don’t have to cook, shop, wash up, make your bed or do anything you don’t want to on a cruise. You’re taken care of from start to finish, with a private cabin steward who’ll keep you in check in your cabin and other staff on hand throughout the ship to make life easy.

 Prime service is at your fingertips everywhere you go. Image: Princess Cruises

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