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Europe Pauses To Celebrate Gastronomy

2nd September 2015

While France, whose culinary heritage has been registered by UNESCO, will celebrate the Fete de la Gastronomie from September 25-27, the French aren't going to be alone in awakening their inner epicureans.

The rest of Europe is joining the fun with a multitude of food-related celebrations, each with enough culinary genius to go around.

Taste Of Rome Festival

September 17-20

The 'Taste of' series of festivals began in Paris last May and has since expanded, notably to Rome this September. Inside the Auditorium Parco della Musica, guests will find outposts of 12 restaurants serving up their signature dishes.

If eating the food of Andrea Fusco from Giuda Ballerino or Marco Martini from Stazione di Posta isn't for you, there will also be cooking classes, demonstrations and even blind tasting sessions with chef/pharmacist Milly Callegari at which she will guide a blindfolded audience through a unique sensory experience.

 Pasta making at the Taste Of Rome Festival (Image: Brand Events Italy)

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

September 19-20

Liverpool isn't all about the Reds. There's also a great food culture that for the past eight years has been celebrated at this festival in Sefton Park. For two days it is transformed into a 'food heaven', bringing together the most talented local chefs and producers to serve up a giant feast for the public.

With fun for the whole family, there are areas dedicated to restaurants, street food, beers and bangers, wine, cafes and entertainment, and even a heavenly chocolate garden and interactive children's zone.

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Oyster & Seafood Festival, Galway

September 24-27

This is not only the oldest oyster festival in the world, but also the most internationally recognized Irish festival after St Patrick's Day. The Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival has been held on the very last weekend in September since 1954, when only 34 people showed up to feast on dozens of oysters.

The celebration of the start of Galway's rich annual oyster harvest is now described by the Sunday Times as "one of the 12 greatest shows on earth", and features The Irish and World Oyster Opening or "shucking" Championships as well as top-class entertainment, street parades, seafood trails, celebrated hospitality and, of course, rich, creamy Irish stout.

 Enjoying a well-poured Irish stout (Image: Getty)

Berlin Food Week

September 28-October 4

Berlin, known to some as the electronic music capital of Europe, to others as the most welcoming city for creative youth, is also one of the most gastronomically diverse places in Europe. The German capital has a vibrant scene that blends street food culture and excellent fine cuisine options, high-class cooking interacting with exotically experimental menus.

Created in 2014, this food festival celebrates that diversity and will once more this year unite some of the city's most brilliant culinary geniuses to present the latest, most innovative trends and formats Berlin is known for. The event is set to take place at Kraftwerk Berlin, the historic Mitte CHP Plant. Other venues will soon be announced.