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8 Ways to Save Money in Venice

20th August 2015

It may be one of the most romantic cities in the world, but travel in Venice doesn’t always go easy on the hip pocket. However, just a few simple tips and tricks can save you a bundle and ensure your days in Venice are well-spent. Get the most out of your visit to this canal-laden city, with our 8 easy ways to save money in Venice.

 The romantic waterways of Venice

Drink your coffee standing up

Save a considerable amount of coin by enjoying your caffeine hit standing up. You will see many locals sipping their beverage of choice without a chair or simply gathering around the bar (sans stool) but this is more than just a cultural difference. The luxury of sitting could have you paying three or even four times the price for your cappuccino.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and walk everywhere

Cars are almost non-existent in Venice with water taxis and ferries operating as the main mode of transport. Catering mostly to the tourist, prices are high so the cheapest way to get around town is by walking. Wear comfortable shoes as cobblestone streets can be hard on the feet and reward all your walking with plenty of Italian eats.

Eat where the locals eat

So you’re in Italy and you expect good food. To ensure you get to taste the best and most authentic fare in Venice, avoid the touristy areas where the menus are written in ten different languages. Don’t eat anywhere in St Marks Square but duck down laneways, away from the crowds to find the best food. Also ask the concierge at your hotel where to eat.

Visit during off-season

As a thriving tourist city, Venice is a little more on the pricey side but one way to minimise costs is to steer clear of peak season. Hotel prices generally drop in winter (our summer) which is usually considered off-season throughout Italy, not including Christmas and New Years.  Additional bonuses include less crowds and shorter lines at popular attractions.

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 A gondola ride is a must

Enjoy your romantic gondola ride during the day

This easiest way to save money would be to not go on a gondola at all, but everyone who visits Venice for the first time is going to want one of these romantic rides. Try sharing your ride with another couple to minimise cost but remember to also haggle for the best price. Also note that gondola prices will skyrocket after 7pm.

Book your tours and tickets in advance

Save a little extra cash by booking your tickets for popular tourist attractions in advance. The same goes for your tours, even day tours. If you are over the age of 65, you may also qualify for concession entry to museums and the like, so bring along your passport or similar identification. Most children under the age of five will be granted free entry.

Buy a transportation-only card

Since Venice is made of numerous islands, there will be times when you will need to cruise the canals by ferry. The most affordable way to do this is to purchase a pre-paid card that offers unlimited transport for one flat fee over a limited number of days, then plan all your adventures that require a ferry ride on one or two days. This will also save you from the long ticket queues each time you board.

Make lunch your biggest meal of the day

Restaurants in Venice will typically offer cheaper menu items during lunch, catering to local working Venetians. It is better in terms of cost to splurge on lunch rather than dinner, but you will find that comparatively, drinks are relatively cheap in Venice. Just note that lunch times are generally considered 12-2pm for most restaurants and bars.

 Italian eats in Venice

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