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Escape Travel’s Top 10 Blogs of July

6th August 2015

We’re never short on travel inspiration at Escape Travel. From the sun-drenched shores of Phuket to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, we bring the world to you, complete with expert tips, until you arrive, camera in hand, ready to see it for yourself. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ve been reading and researching in July.

1.  Iconic Canadian Eats for Canada Day

Before the Fourth of July rolls around there’s Canada Day, marking July 1st on the calendar. Our readers got hungry ogling over Canadian flavours and sweets, which of course taste extra delicious on Canada’s national day.

 Canada isn't all about what you see.

2.  Top 5 Unmissable Moments in Banff

Banff is one of the most common stops for travellers to Canada, so we delivered a heart-stopping show of the region’s absolute must-dos. The pics are wondrous alone, but seeing it with your own two eyes: priceless.

 Banff is full of awe-inspiring moments.

3.  Canada: 12 Unmissable Highlights

From the enchanting colours of Victoria’s Butchart Gardens to the views from the top of Toronto’s CN Tower, Canada is full of not-to-be-missed highlights. So we gave you a rundown of the best of the best so you don’t miss out.

 Don't miss the best of the best in Canada.

4.  Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is Coming to Melbourne!

It’s not every year the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo comes to Aussie shores, so we were shouting from the rooftops about it. A bit of history, dates and a sneak peek with videos makes this article a one-stop read to get you there for the real deal.

 The Royal Edinbrugh Military Tattoo is coming to Australia.

5.  Bali VS Phuket for Couples

Couples in search of the ultimate beach holiday often have a hard time deciding which sunny patch of sand to roll out their beach towel. So we made it easy with a direct comparison between two of the most popular options: Bali and Phuket.

 Bali or Phuket? They're equally as tempting.

6.  The Best Markets in Canada

It’s the local experiences that truly offer a glimpse into everyday life and culture when you’re travelling. So we gave you some insider tips on Canada’s most bustling and colourful markets to soak up the atmosphere and pick up a few souvenirs.

 Granville Island Photo Credit: Dominic Schaefer

7.  A Quintessential Aussie Bucket List

Aussies are as interested in exploring their own backyard as ever before, because there was a lot of interest in this locally-inspired article. From the Ghan to the Twelve Apostles, this Aussie bucket list is just a taste of what our sunburnt nation has to offer.

 Tick off these local beauties, including Kangaroo Island.

8.  Best Australian Ski Resorts for Beginners

With the cold embrace of winter upon us, it’s no wonder you were looking to make the most of it and flock to the snow! Catering especially to beginners looking for a ski slope to practice on, this story is as relevant now as it was in 2012.

 Young or old, beginners will love these slopes.

9.  20 Things to do on Hamilton Island Under $25

An island holiday is always a good idea – and it’s even better when there are bargains to be found. So we brought you some top saving tips for a trip to Hamilton Island, so you can keep more dollars in your pocket (or else splurge a little extra on your hotel!).

 Soak up the sun for less on Hamilton Island!

10.  A City on the Up: 5 Reasons to Go to Brisbane

Looking to explore beyond the obvious Aussie capitals like Sydney and Melbourne? It sure looks like it! You loved this article outlining why Brisbane is as hip and happening as Lonely Planet says it is.

 See Brisbane before everybody else beats you to it.

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