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Iconic Canadian Eats for Canada Day

1st July 2015

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate, we’re throwing the spotlight on the country’s most iconic and downright delicious eats. From cheese curd covered fries to gooey butter tarts and maple flavoured everything, Canada has mouth-watering treats that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are eight Canadian treats that you must try next time you find yourself hungry in North America.



Believed to have originated in Quebec, poutine is a famous Canadian dish consisting of French fries covered in brown gravy and topped with pieces of cheese curd. To ensure the fries remain crisp, the gravy and cheese curd are only added at the time of serving. Typically sold right across the country in diners, fast-food joints and restaurants, the tasty dish is a must-try.

Nanaimo Bars


Nanaimo Bars are a legendary no-bake treat that will satisfy every chocolate craving. With three distinct layers, the sweet slice features a chocolate biscuit base made with graham crackers, coconut, pecans or walnuts. A thick vanilla custard makes the second layer and the final layer consists of a rich chocolate topping. Typical variations include peanut butter, mint or mocha.

Montreal Bagels


You will first recognise a Montreal bagel by its shape – usually smaller and thinner than the average bagel. Montreal bagels are typically boiled in honey-infused water and then wood-fired to produce a chewy texture, shiny exterior and sweet flavour. They are topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds and are often served with cream cheese spread.



Don’t let the name fool you, beaver tails aren’t made from meat but are rather a sweet pastry snack. An original creation from the famous chain of pastry stands of the same name, these treats are fried dough pastries shaped like a beaver tail. The dough is then topped with your choice of confections like Oreos, Nutella, banana, Reese’s pieces, chocolate or cinnamon sugar. The latest addition is the delicious Smores BeaverTail!

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Montreal Smoked Meat


You will find Montreal-style smoked meat sandwiches on the menu around town at local delis and restaurants. Often served on rye bread with a slathering of mustard, the meat is marinated with a secret recipe of spices and then smoked for hours. This labour-intensive method of cooking results in a tender and rich cut of meat, recognizable by its bright pink colour.

Sugar Pie


Another of Canada’s rich desserts is the famed sugar pie. As the name suggests, the pie features a soft pastry crust with a creamy sweet filling usually made from cream and  brown sugar or maple syrup. A traditional French Canadian dessert, you can grab your own slice of sugar pie from many bakeries and restaurants.

Butter Tarts


One of Canada’s quintessential desserts, butter tarts are a decadent treat for those with a raging sweet tooth. Boasting a flaky pastry shell, the individual pies have a rich and gooey butter sugar filling and a crisp golden top. Traditional tarts feature raisins although walnuts or pecans are also commonly used.

Maple Flavoured Everything


Maple syrup deserves its own food group in Canada – you will find this sugary syrup everywhere. One of the most popular pairings is maple and bacon. You may find your pancakes or French toast served with maple syrup and crispy bacon or your bacon may come already complete with a maple glaze. You are also sure to spy plenty of maple flavoured goodies on the menu, including coffee, fudge, marshmallows and ice cream.

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