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10 Best Artisan Bakeries in Australia

17th June 2015

From the perfect sourdough to gourmet hot donuts, we’ve found the best baked goods across the country. Did you know, right here in our own backyard, we have the sweetest treats made by expert pastry chefs and passionate home bakers? To ensure you are never far away from a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a buttery pastry or a flaky meat pie, here are the 10 best artisan bakeries in Australia.

Australian Bakeries Fresh pastries

1. Lune Croissanterie, Melbourne

A tiny bakery in Melbourne, Lune Croissanterie has certainly made its mark. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, lines form before the bakery has even opened, with hungry locals eager for a chance to sample one of the store’s handmade Parisian pastries. One glance of Lune’s golden almond croissants, chocolate covered cruffins or pain au chocolats and it’s easy to see why the bakery’s eats are in such high demand. By 9.30am Lune has often completely sold out of its baked goods.

2. The Baker’s Arms, Brisbane

A popular speciality bakehouse in Brisbane, The Baker’s Arms is a real treat. The cafe has a menu that changes daily and features a unique collection of North American-inspired baked goods. On any given day, you can sip Campos coffee and be tempted by the array of handmade pastries on display. Expect to find savoury bagels, sausage rolls and salads as well as sweet treats like key lime pie, honeycomb cheesecake, bear claws or peanut butter and jelly brownies.

3. Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney

If the environment matters to you as much as taste, Bourke Street Bakery takes both into account. Harnessing great produce that’s local and organic where possible, the tempting range of breads, pies and tarts are freshly handmade with artisanal skill every day. Furthermore, they use an environmental waste system and minimal packaging, use honey from their own bee hives and have a native garden irrigated with recycled water. The intimate, warm and inviting setting tops off the guilt-free pleasures perfectly.

4. Flour and Chocolate, Brisbane

If you love a good ‘special of the day’, you’ll really love the positively surprising line-up of daily indulgences at Flour and Chocolate. On Wednesdays it’s all about gourmet donuts, from custard and jam to salted caramel. On Thursdays gonuts take over (donuts crossed with croissants) in flavours from toffee to white chocolate and pistachio. On Fridays it’s about bagels and brownies and every other day of the week, fresh foccacias and crunchy baguettes highlight. To make it even better, they use 100% organic flour and no additives.

5. Candied Bakery, Melbourne

Candied Bakery describes itself as an Aussie bakery with a twist. Using a research trip to America as inspiration, the bakery serves up innovative creations, from Mars Bar donuts to apple pie shakes. On the more savoury side of things you will find homemade hot dogs served on brioche buns or ham and cheese croissants. Their soft serves come in all kinds of seasonal flavours plus you’ll also notice a few Aussie favourites on the menu like pavlova and lamingtons.

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Australian Bakeries Jam doughnuts

6. Butterfingers, Adelaide

Everybody loves a good old-fashioned meat pie, but at Butterfingers, they take the idea of gourmet pastry filling to a whole new level of delicious. While the flavours change regularly, standouts have included the duck, chestnut and pancetta pie, wild rabbit with truffle and walnut pie, kangaroo and stout pie, and the barramundi, prawn and crab pie. All incredibly unique, the other meals and sweet treats impress too, from raw carrot cake to baked fig, coconut and almond tart.

7. Adriano Zumbo Patisserie, Sydney

Celebrity pastry chef, Adriano Zumbo is an Aussie icon famed for his sugar-laden sweets. He now has seven stores across Australia but the very first one can be found in Balmain, Sydney. Adriano is known for his technically challenging desserts, namely the famous V8 cake, and also his use of unusual ingredients. One of his more recent creations is the Zonut, a deep fried pastry doughnut that comes in a variety of flavours, from apple crumble to salted caramel.

8. Vivre A Vie, Gold Coast

Travellers with a taste for organic fare or fiddly dietary requirements should take their tastebuds straight to Vivre A Vie at Mermaid Beach. A wholly organic bakery with a warm and rustic feel, the cabinets here are brimming with added flair of many dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, raw, vegan and vegetarian options. From salted caramel sourdough donuts to raw cakes, French pastries and breads, sweet and savoury indulgences have never tasted more pure and natural.

9. Jackman and McRoss Bakeries, Hobart

Nestled inside an old colonial building in the heart of Battery Point, Jackman and McRoss is a famous bakery cafe worth visiting. Their buttery pastries are said to rival the best of Europe, and their range of baked goods is extensive. For lunch, there’s a selection of pies, sausages rolls and pasties served with house made relish or gourmet baguettes. Those with a sweet tooth will savour every bite of their exquisitely made tarts, donuts, éclairs, muffins, danishes and cakes.

10. Jean Pierre Sancho, Perth

For French fare that’s dished up in an authentic French boulangerie, stop in at Jean Pierre Sancho. Touting a lovely quaint atmosphere inside and typical al fresco seating outside, macaroons, croissants, baguettes and coffee has never tasted better. While the cabinet is laden with everything from brioches to tarts and sourdough breads made by their French Master baker, the menu also extends to extras like quiche, salads and breakfast items.

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