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The Biggest Thrills in Tropical North Queensland

14th May 2015

Tropical North Queensland encompasses many of Queensland’s natural gems, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Daintree Rainforest. Surrounded by such incredible natural beauty, there is no better place to experience a wild outdoor adventure. From racing down river rapids to flying through the forest, here are six ways guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Sky diving

Tropical North Queensland

If you have always wanted to encounter firsthand the fear-inducing thrill of sky diving, head to Cairns. Begin your adventure with a 20 minute scenic flight that will showcase Tropical North Queensland’s astonishing scenery. Then get ready for your adrenaline to sky-rocket as you are sent free-falling back down to earth. Once the parachute has been launched, you will be captivated by views of the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforest as you safely make your descent.


Tropical North Queensland

Even gravity won’t be able to hold you back with the ultimate flyboard adventure at Marlin Marina in Cairns. Feel your heart pound as you are powerfully propelled out of the water and up into the air. Choose from a 30 or 60 minute session with Fly Board Cairns and you will first learn how to flyboard by an expert instructor before spending the rest of the time working on your freestyle stunts. Flips, twists and zooming skywards at speed - the flyboard is unlike any other adrenaline activity.

White Water Rafting

Tropical North Queensland

For a thrilling day out, join the dream team at Raging Thunder Adventures and embark on an extreme white water rafting adventure. Expert guides will take you out to the wild rapids, to enjoy a myriad of activities like cliff jumping, rapid swimming and even raft surfing. Feel the tug, as the turbulent waves thrash around you every step of the way. Tours will include accommodation transfers and a lovely BBQ lunch by the river. Just make sure you bring your swimmers because you will get wet.

Jungle Swing

Tropical North Queensland

Release your inner Tarzan, with the exhilarating Minjin Jungle Swing at AJ Hackett Cairns. The first jungle swing of its kind, this sky high contraption allows up to three people to swoop through the rainforest at the same time. The extreme acceleration will have you weak at the knees as you drop from 45 metres and reach up to 120 kilometres per hour in just 3.5 seconds. The whole time you will come face to face with the verdant rainforest covering Saddleback Mountain.

Bungy Jumping

Tropical North Queensland

Nothing can beat the intense rush that free falling provides. The first only and only bungy tower in Australia is at AJ Hackett Cairns and offers 16 different jump styles. Surrounded by tropical jungle and mountains, you can take the plunge in a variety of ways. Beginners may prefer the traditional swan dive, while the more experienced can flip forward or even go overboard on a BMX bike. However you choose, you are guaranteed to face your fears as you plummet back towards earth.

Jungle surfing

Tropical North Queensland

Taking a stroll through the awe-inspiring Daintree Rainforest might be enough to satisfy some, but for others, the lush surrounds are best explored with a heart pumping jungle surf. Appreciate the world’s oldest rainforest by zip lining between six canopy platforms at Jungle Adventures Cape Tribulation. Immense yourself into the depths of the rainforest as you glide 20 metres above the ground, with views of the treetops and beyond. Jungle surfing tours will last around two hours and are suitable for all ages.

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