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5 Incredible Shows to Catch in Las Vegas

7th April 2015

You don’t need luck in Las Vegas. The best hand comes with tickets, not cards. Ritzy, glitzy and full of glamour, this is the Entertainment Capital of the World. Comedians, magicians, singers, acrobats and world-famous troupes all descend on this famous city flashing neon in the Nevada Desert to add their own flair and flaunt their finest talents. Some verge on sinful, but most are simply spellbinding. Don’t take a gamble on which show to see. Here we’re drawing back the curtains for a sneak peak at some of the best shows hitting the stage in Las Vegas this year.

LOVE Cirque du Soleil… at the Mirage

The Beatles put it perfectly: “All you need is love. Love is all you need.” So if there’s just one Cirque du Soleil show you’re going to see, take heed and choose LOVE. Inspired by and based around the iconic and exuberant 60s soundtracks brought to life by the Beatles, a colourful blend of music, drama, dancing, acrobatics and multimedia brings this psychedelic, soft-rock era to life on the stage in all its eye-pleasing and toe-tapping glory. In usual Cirque du Soleil style, the world-renowned troupe stun with their death-defying aerial stunts, visually stunning set designs and all-round unfathomable performances. As well as the much-loved classics, LOVE also delivers a few re-imagined tunes never before released.


Blue Man Group… at Monte Carlo

‘Big’, ‘loud’, ‘silly’, ‘fun’, ‘energetic’ and ‘visually arresting’ are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Blue Man Group. A peculiar trio of three bald, blue men, without even saying a word they manage to enthral audiences and induce raucous laughter from the stands with their comedic line-up of stunts, mimes, wild percussion performances, flashy special effects and overly-enthusiastic facial expressions. If you think you’re safe in your seat, think again. Audience members are regularly brought onto the stage to join in the humorous and energetic entertainment. Thankfully, in adult-centric Vegas the Blue Man Group keeps it all at PG level.


Absinthe… at Ceasars Palace

The faint-hearted and the easily offended should give this one a miss. A variety show crossed with a circus-style spectacular, Absinthe packs a punch of strictly adults-only comedy, old-world burlesque, daring stunts and acrobatics. Think raunchy language, in-your-face antics, off-colour jokes and a few profanities – plus some half-naked women – so be sure to leave those morals at the door. What’s really special about this show is that it’s intimate. The action takes place, at times, within arm’s length and the venue is much smaller than most in Vegas considering it’s a carnival tent. Glitzy, over-the-top and a bit naughty, Absinthe is wildly amusing for those game enough to see it.


Le Rêve… at the Wynn

Be taken on a whimsical journey deep into a world of wonder, mystery and intrigue with La Reve, French for ‘the dream’. In a way that evocatively captures all the senses, wonder-wielding acts play out up high above, alongside and before audiences in alluring artistic style. Aerial stunts, gymnastics and acrobatics abound, but the most impressive feature is no doubt the seamless synchronicity of swimmers in the one million gallon custom-built aquatic tank. With the stage rising and lowering around it to create different performance spaces, La Reve is a mesmerising blur between what’s real and what’s fantasy and it’s absolutely stunning to watch.


Terry Fator… at the Mirage

After getting a head-start on reality TV show America’s Got Talent, Terry Fator has gone on to be considered the great illusionist on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not magic that’s his forte, but ventriloquism. With the perfect sidekick in his colourful crew of puppets, Fator brings them to life on the stage with funny voices, impeccable celebrity impersonations and renditions of famous songs, from Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Cher and Lady Gaga. Some would even say he does it better! It’s amazing what Fator can do without even moving his lips. He has a special knack for capturing hearts and humour in one endearing show.

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