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Shanghai's Shopping Secrets

24th March 2015

A vibrant powerhouse home to more than 23 million people, Shanghai is an impressive Chinese city. Soaring skyscrapers adjacent to the harbour form a magnificent skyline, with the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong surpassing them all. This mega city is famous for its unique culture where fast-paced Western world influences sit side by side with historic Chinese traditions. Make your way to Shanghai to experience the city’s most popular pastime – shopping. From bustling night markets to glamorous 21st century shopping malls, Shanghai has got it all.

Shanghai Shopping

Nanjing Road
Hardly a secret, Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s premier shopping hub. In fact, the popular shopping strip is considered one of the busiest shopping areas in the world. A fashion destination, this is the place to go for, well, everything. You will find upscale stores showcasing the latest from iconic fashion brands, as well as modern shopping malls, giant department stores and countless specialty outlets. The bright lights of Nanjing are somewhat reminiscent of New York’s Times Square.

Tip: Don’t miss the highly touted No. 1 Department Store on Nanjing Road. This mega outlet offers a wealth of quality merchandise from clothing, jewellery and cosmetics to appliances and electronics.

Shanghai Shopping

South Bund Fabric Market
This very famous fabric market is home to hundreds of incredibly gifted tailors and seamstresses. From custom-made suits and winter coats to leather jackets and silk blouses, this is the perfect opportunity to boost your wardrobe. Any garment you require can be custom made to perfectly suit your figure, all for a fair price. Even so, it is expected that you bargain to snag a discount. Popular fabrics include suede, wool, silk, cashmere, leather and cotton.

Tip: Make a visit to the Fabric Market one of your first stops. Getting an outfit tailor-made can take up to one week, so you want to make sure you have plenty of time up your sleeve for alterations.

Shanghai Shopping

Global Harbour
Opened in 2013, Global Harbour is a mega mall offering six levels of fantastic shopping. The opulent complex features stunning gold decor and is uniquely designed in the shape of a ship with a large atrium through the middle. You’ll find a bounty of retail stores to explore, but that’s not all, the mall also boasts a D-max theatre, ice skating rink, supermarket, gym, spa, bookstore and a children’s playground.

Tip: The Global Harbour is actually home to Shanghai’s largest rooftop garden. Be sure to take time out from your retail therapy to appreciate the stunning views.

Shanghai Shopping

Super Brand Mall
Situated in Pudong, the Super Brand Mall is a giant shopping complex comprising 13 floors, hundreds of shops and over 70 restaurants and cafes. You’ll find a wealth of popular western and international brands, including H&M, Toys R Us and Uniqlo. Once you have worked up an appetite, you can check out the numerous dining options available or catch a flick at the IMAX theatre. Thousands of people visit this mall every day but due its spacious design, it never feels crowded.

Tip: Splurge at one of the many upscale stores at the Super Brand Mall. From Dolce and Gabbana to Valetino and Versace, you will have many fashion icons at your fingertips.

Shanghai Shopping

Yuyuan Market
If you plan on visiting the gorgeous Yu Gardens, then be sure to head  on over and explore the fascinating Yuyuan Market next door. This lively shopping street houses a variety of vendors, situated in authentic Chinese shopfronts. It is the place to go for traditional Chinese souvenirs and trinkets. You will find a surprising variety of goods, from furniture and clothing to beautiful jewellery. There are also plenty of eateries close by if you are feeling a little peckish.

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