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Best Yum Cha in Hong Kong

20th March 2015

Bright and beautiful, Hong Kong is best known for its eclectic mix of cultures, as east collides with west resulting in a kaleidoscope of sights, smells and sounds. A tangible energy can be felt pulsating through the veins of Hong Kong’s bustling city streets. There’s bargain shopping, temples galore and even Hong Kong Disneyland, but it’s the burgeoning restaurant scene that keeps travellers coming back for seconds. If the thought of yum cha makes you lick your lips or go weak at the knees, then Hong Kong is sure to please.

Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan
Best for: cheap eats

Hailed for its coveted Michelin-star, Tim Ho Wan is a hot spot for good yum cha. There are five popular outlets across the city, all with queues trailing right out the door. Their most famous dish is the baked BBQ pork bun, with its sweet and fluffy yeast exterior that houses a tasty morsel of juicy roast pork. Other menu mainstays include steamed chicken feet, vermicelli rolls with pig’s liver and steamed pork and shrimp dumplings. To top it all off, try a tender slice of steamed egg cake famed for its light texture and sweet caramel flavour. Tim Ho Wan doesn’t take bookings, but it’ll be worth the wait to dine at the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.

Lin Heung Tea House
Best for: lively atmosphere

A local haunt in Hong Kong’s Central District, Lin Heung is an authentic tea house serving up excellent dim sum. A decades-old parlour that does little to keep up with modern times, Lin Heung feeds dozens of hungry diners every day. Once you are seated at a communal table, you will have a dedicated tea server to ensure you are always well hydrated. Steamed dumplings are in high demand, while other favourites include duck feet, beef offal and fish maw. For dessert, try the Malay steamed sponge cake. If you can, bring along a friend who can speak Cantonese as the yum cha carts move at a mighty pace and those without a firm grasp of the language can end up missing out.

Hong Kong

Lei Garden Restaurant
Best for: celebrity spotting

Frequented by celebrities, Lei Garden Restaurant is the place to eat with excellent high-quality Cantonese dishes and extremely hospitable service. There are multiple branches across the city - most have been awarded a Michelin-star and every single one offers a glorious selection of dim sum. Signature dishes include their classic-double boiled soups, the tender roasted duck and plump shrimp dumplings. For a little dessert, go with the chilled mango sweetener with grape fruit and sago or the sweet dumplings with sesame filling. Reservations are recommended, particularly during yum cha.

Lung King Heen
Best for: city views

Those with a little more coin to spare can sample seafood and dim sum at Lung King Heen. Situated at the Four Seasons Hotel, this popular Cantonese restaurant is the world’s first Chinese restaurant to be awarded the coveted Michelin three-star rating. As you devour the finest cuisine made from fresh local ingredients, you can admire spectacular city and harbour views. Their menu is extensive and boasts all the dim sum classics, from steamed shrimp dumplings to baked whole abalone puff with diced chicken. Reserve your spot beforehand to guarantee a truly exquisite fine dining experience.

Hong Kong

Luk Yu Tea House
Best for: old school ambience

Open since 1933, Luk Yu offers diners a tempting taste of old Hong Kong with its vintage decor and old-school style. You can be forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered onto a movie set, as the tea house itself has made regular appearances in films and literature. In addition to the fascinating ambiance, the restaurant also serves up sumptuous dim sum, including deep fried dumplings and flavoursome chicken buns. Top it all off with an iconic egg tart with its light and flaky pastry and sweet yellow custard filling.

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