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10 Hot Destinations to Snag an Escape Fare!

13th February 2015

London, Los Angeles, Bali, Fiji... the list goes on! We’ve picked the 10 hottest destinations on the planet and created some super hot fares to match. To snag our exclusive Escape Fares, all you have to do is book any hotel for four nights at one of 10 destinations across the world, from Europe to the USA and a handful of sizzling beach hotspots. It could be three-star, four-star or five-star accommodation – and there are 100s of hotels to choose from. Better yet, they’re on offer year-round! Wondering where exactly you could be jet-setting off to? Here are our 10 hot destinations to snag an Escape Fare.

New York

new york city

New York is literally overflowing with big city sights and cosmopolitan delights. From the peaceful inner-city oasis of Central Park to the very top of the Empire State Building, there are shops, museums, galleries, restaurants, theatres and so many famous NYC icons to tick off. Take the ferry to Staten Island, immerse yourself in the neon buzz of Times Square and cycle across the bridge to chilled out Brooklyn. Absolute everybody falls in love with New York City.



It may be one of thousands of Indonesian islands, but Bali is by far the hottest of the lot. Bound by the beautiful Balinese spirit, incense offerings abound at every step, from the gorgeous temples to the colourful bargain-laden markets and the golden shores that fringe the island. At Bali’s heart, discover lush green rice terraces stacking up into the hills, a vibrant arts culture and many hidden gems still off the beaten track.



Drenched in history and oozing charm, London enthralls travellers with its unique blend of old and new. Home to iconic attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Hyde Park and the Tower of London, this UK gem has a side to please both young and old. Catch a ritzy stage show in West End, ride the Tube (and mind the gap!) and wander the halls of the many renowned galleries and museums gracing the city’s character-laden streets.


honolulu hawaii

The gateway to exotic and alluring Hawaii, Honolulu is the perfect base to explore this far-flung treasure. Delicious tropical cuisine, dramatic landscapes and beautiful beaches are just the start of it. Snorkel colourful coral reefs, shop and dine in cosmopolitan cities or hike a volcano. From tumbling waves and waterfalls to humbling rural villages, it’s hard to resist saying ‘aloha’ to Hawaii.



Whether you’re a romantic or not, there’s just something about Paris. It’s elegant, it’s cultural and it’s atmospheric, from one arrondissement to the next. Soak up the true Parisian life in the al fresco cafes, drop into the famous museums and galleries, and tick off the key local icons – like Notre Dame, the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower. From the Louvre to the riverside panoramas along the Seine, Paris is impressive. Better yet, delicious smells waft out of creperies and patisseries on every corner.



Fiji touts the best of both worlds: thrilling adventures and pure beach bliss, all perched in the dazzling blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Swing in a hammock between tropical palms by the shoreline or dive in to discover the world-class coral reefs teeming with marine life. Lush jungle interiors, rocky cliffs and rolling mountains add to the eco treasure chest, while a stunning array of resorts make it easy to soak up the island vibes.

 Las Vegas

las vegas

The original ‘Sin City’, the one and only Las Vegas... it’s all that you imagine: a strip of flashing neon lights, a magnet for high-rollers and nightlife-seekers, and a non-stop roll of glitzy entertainment. A desert city with a massive reputation, Las Vegas promises a fabulous time to all those to make the journey. Immerse yourself in the bright lights where theatre, music, shopping, casinos, dining and rides all merge beneath the Nevadan sun.



A charming display of Renaissance and Baroque architecture set the mood for a sultry Italian affair in Rome, where bustling thoroughfares, ancient sights and a warm, hospitable culture take the ambiance to new heights. The tried and tested favourite to-dos are no doubt the Trevi Fountain, St Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon and Colosseum, but even just a wander through the piazzas, galleries and ancient streets presents an awe-inspiring view of Rome through the ages.



Phuket is undeniably beautiful, renowned for its spectacular white sand beaches, clear blue waters and affordable luxuries. The most popular beach hotspot in Thailand, its tropical location presents a backdrop of lush green vistas and waterfalls, and beneath the water’s surface, a colourful world of coral reefs await. Luxurious pampering, remote beautiful bays and if you wish, thumping nightlife, are all on offer – but spectacular beach sunsets come guaranteed.

Los Angeles

los angeles

Get a piece of the star-spangled action in Los Angeles. Soak up the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Boulevard, hit the rides and attractions at Universal Studios and shop your heart out in top-notch boutiques before a fancy night out on the town. From the summery sweep of Pacific beaches to the Hollywood Hills beyond, movie magic abounds everywhere. As a bonus, you’re bound to spot a celebrity at some point!