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Quiz: What kind of Aussie Break do you need?

11th February 2015

Why flee for foreign shores when there’s still so much to explore on home soil? This great southern land is full of quintessential Aussie getaways and charming gems you’re yet to discover. Retreat to sweeping golden beaches, lap up cosmopolitan cities or venture into the red heart of our sunburnt nation. From tumbling waterfalls nestled in tropical rainforest to bustling pedestrian streets lined with atmospheric cafes and coffee shops, you’ll be in holiday mode in no time!  Take this quick quiz to help pick your next Aussie break!


I really enjoy...
A) Going somewhere different and unique.
B) Enjoying the sunshine between dips in the water.
C) Fun-filled activities, eating out and shopping.
D) Admiring spectacular lush landscapes.

I love to eat...
A) Unique, local food.
B) Fish and chips then ice cream.
C) Multicultural flavours.
D) Something fresh and healthy.

My favourite movie is...
A) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
B) Finding Nemo.
C) Muriel’s Wedding.
D) King Kong.

I always pack...
A) Covered and practical shoes.
B) Summery sandals.
C) A pair of dressy shoes or heels.
D) Whatever is comfortable.

I prefer to swim...

A) Very rarely.
B) In the ocean.
C) At the hotel pool.
D) Beside a waterfall.

On holidays I like to...

A) Explore.
B) Relax and wind down.
C) Have fun and keep busy.
D) Escape the crowds and revitalise.

My travel style looks like...

A) Joining day tours and activities or researching to plan my own day trip.
B) Having a base and walking most places from there.
C) Walking or using public transport to get around.
D) Driving around and jumping out to explore whenever I feel like it.


kings canyon northern territory

Mostly As: You’re ready to try something different and see the real Australia away from the beaches! Explore the heart of the nation and glimpse a spectacular sunset at Uluru, or escape into the desert for luxurious seclusion and spectacular star-gazing at Kings Canyon.

hamilton island queensland australia

Mostly Bs: You like sand between your toes, sunny rays on your skin and pretty beaches to soak up! Escape to Palm Cove, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, or go all out with an island escape on Hamilton Island or Heron Island.

city escape melbourne australia

Mostly Cs: You love big cities that have plenty to offer, from family-friendly activities to refined cultural pursuits. Soak up the multicultural buzz of Melbourne, explore the world-famous sights of Sydney or get a taste of peaceful Perth.

rainforest daintree australia

Mostly Ds: You love lush green scenery and quaint towns that are full of character. Embark on a road trip through the hills, ports and wineries of Tasmania, or delve into the stunning Daintree Rainforest in tropical North Queensland.

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