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Soft Adventures Perfect for the 50+ Traveller

5th February 2015

Globetrotting adventures aren’t limited to 20-somethings with oversized packs tightly strapped to their backs and shoes dangling on either side by the laces. Every single time you earn a new stamp in your passport that’s proof you’re still adventurous at heart! So whether you’re 25 or 50 – or even wiser than that – don’t be fooled into thinking you must stick to the typical tourist trail.

When it comes to the 50+ traveller who’s looking for something a little different (but not too different), Peregrine is a unique travel company that does it extremely well. Not only do they cater to every fitness level and age group, but they also have small group sizes and really know how to get under the skin of each destination. Enjoy a cultural journey that really hones in on the local immersion aspect, or embark on an itinerary that incorporates elements of walking or cycling. Here’s a taste of our favourite soft adventures with Peregrine through beautiful Europe (and one fabulous Moroccan adventure).

italy cinque terre

Secrets of Italy

For a taste of quintessential Italy, this fascinating route will lead you to some of the pasta-loving nation’s best sights made famous in story, song and film. Take in the history and stunning architecture of Rome, admire some of the most famous artists of all time in the galleries of terracotta-roofed Florence, and wander the bridges and cobblestones streets of Venice (topped off with a gondola ride of course). Then leave the cities behind for quaint and beautiful Cinque Terre, where a winding seaside trail links this string of colourful villages cascading up the hills from the ocean – the perfect chance for a hike gentle hike rife with discovery.

spain camino trail

Cycle the Camino

A self-guided adventure along the famous Camino trail through northern Spain, this is one unique route that really allows you to get off the beaten track and take things at your own pace. While many people walk the trail, to navigate it on two wheels offers a whole new experience. Pedal through vast expanses of rolling farmland, stop for coffee in quaint villages and bypass some fascinating medieval architecture along the way. While there are a couple of steep ascents to tackle, there’s also some fabulous wine and cheese to taste-test along the way to keep those energy levels up – or else to help wind down at the end of the day. What about your luggage? Each day it’s transferred to your next night’s accommodation so you can roam free!

morocco africa

Morocco Explorer

Snake charmers, delicious tagines and intriguing palaces – that’s just the start of it. Morocco is a fascinating slice of northern Africa where the desert meets the sea and exotic flavours and smells entice at every turn. Journey into the towering Erg Chebbi sand dunes, wander the Mediterranean-infused streets of Casablanca and immerse yourself in the sights and splendour of Fes, the spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco. From the winding backstreets and colourful markets of ancient medinas to the remote and stark beauty of the Atlas Mountains, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

pamukkale turkey

Treasures of Turkey

Experience the contrast, the colour and the culture of this mesmerising country where east meets west. From out-of-the-way fishing villages reached by cruise to cosmopolitan and atmospheric Istanbul, one of the great cities of the world, there’s so much to be discovered. Wander through the cascading thermal waters of Pamukkale, take in the moving memorials and sites of the Gallipoli Peninsula and venture into the heart of Turkey where archaeological riches await. You’ll trail part of the ancient Silk Road trading route, stop by explore the Lycian city of Phaselis and witness feat of Cappdocia with its houses, churches and monasteries carved out of rock.

croatia dubrovnik

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Claiming its own fine section of the Adriatic coast, Croatia oozes drama for all its natural beauty and surprising historic riches. From UNESCO World Heritage sites that have stood the test of time to beautiful local churches and islands brimming with staggering beauty, every single stop will surprise you to some extent. Paddle your way across the perfectly blue lakes of Mljet Island in a canoe, wander through the exotic Mediterranean flora of the botanically-rich island of Lokrum, and take in ancient fortresses, monasteries and old town alleys in character-laden Dubrovnik and Split.