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Travel Resolutions for the New Year

1st January 2015

With 2015 already here, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. What do you want to change in your life to make 2015 your best year yet? Your list may consist of losing weight, eating healthier or stressing less but why not add a few travel-related hopes and dreams onto your checklist. Next to lose a few kilos, add travel the world! It’s time to decide what destinations will be ticked off your bucket list in 2015. We’ve put together four amazing holidays that must be on every Aussie’s bucket list.

Christmas in New York

new york bucket list
Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? Experience the joys of celebrating the holiday season in the Big Apple, where the lights are always twinkling and the possibility of snow hangs in the air. Watch the big city come alive with magnificent window displays on Fifth Avenue and the famous giant Christmas tree shimmering outside Rockefeller Centre. Choose to stay in Times Square and be just steps away from major attractions like Broadway theatres and exceptional shopping. Ice skating rinks pop up all over the city, but a visit to Central Park is a must. After you’ve had your fill of turkey and stuffing, stick around to welcome in the New Year in New York. Join with thousands of revellers in Times Square and celebrate this momentous occasion in style.

Northern Lights and Huskies in Norway

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Tick the brilliant Northern Lights off your bucket list with a visit to Norway. Beneath the snow-capped peaks of Norway’s Fiordland coast, you’ll find the city of Tromso, believed to be one of the best places on earth to witness this inspiring natural wonder. Each evening, you can hold your breath as you wait in anticipation for a glimpse of this colourful phenomenon. A popular way to see the Northern Lights is at sea with an Arctic Sea cruise. Fill in your days with sightseeing and exciting winter activities. Visit the Arctic Cathedral and admire the unusual triangular architecture, reminiscent of a polar ice berg. Explore the arctic tundra of Tromso with a dog sledding expedition and keep an eye out for foxes, eagles, moose or even reindeer.

Historic Adventures in China

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The third most visited country in the world, China offers eager travellers a wealth of historic experiences. Kick off your adventures by visiting the Great Wall of China, one of the world’s most admired engineering and architectural feats. Join an escorted tour to the Great Wall from Beijing and be amazed by this ancient wonder. Another top tourist attraction in Beijing is Tiananmen Square, home to the National Museum of China and the Great Hall of the People. In Xi’an, there’s the impressive Terracotta Army, the prominent Bell Tower and the Wild Goose Pagoda. All of China’s big cities are home to remarkable attractions, from ancient Buddhist temples to modern skyscrapers and gorgeous parks.

Gorillas, Chimps and Game Parks in Africa

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Whether it’s for the glorious scenery or wondrous wildlife, the allure of Africa is impossible to deny. Begin your adventure in Nairobi, a multicultural city boasting many excellent restaurants and fantastic museums. Enjoy a road trip up to Lake Nakuru, home to crowds of pretty pink flamingos. The surrounding national parklands are the perfect place to see incredible wildlife, including baboons, rhinos, warthogs, buffaloes and a wide variety of bird species. Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda is believed to have one of the highest concentrations of primates in the world, while Queen Elizabeth National Park plays host to elephants, lions and leopards. The small Rwandan town of Ruhengeri is the gateway to Volcanoes National Park, noted as one of the last remaining sanctuaries for the mountain gorilla.