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Delightful Christmas Desserts around the World

25th December 2014

Merry Christmas fellow Aussies! We hope your Christmas is shaping up to be one of your best yet. Right now around the country, the table is being set, the air conditioning is on and the barbecue is ready to roll. We all have our prawns, ham and salads at the ready and the layered pavlova adorned with fresh cream and beautiful berries is in the fridge. As we get ready to crack open our bon bons, different Christmas desserts around the world are being prepared. To whet your appetite, we’ve put together our mouth-watering favourites.

Britain – Christmas Pudding

Christmas Desserts Around the World

The holiday meal is not complete in Britain without a decent serving of steamed Christmas pudding. Made using a mix of dried fruits and candied peel, the dense cake is intensely flavoured using brandy and various spices. It is commonly served with a generous dousing of brandied custard or pouring cream.

France – Buche de Noel

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Christmas in France is celebrated with the buche de Noel, a sweet sponge roulade or yule log commonly filled with chocolate or coffee buttercream. Traditionally, the cake is designed to resemble a tree branch by dragging a fork through the icing for bark-like texture and then decorating the log using meringue mushrooms, fresh berries and powdered sugar.

Germany – Lebkuchen

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Germany celebrates the silly season with Lebkuchen, also referred to as Pfefferkuchen. A deliciously spiced cookie similar to gingerbread, Lebkuchen uses honey, nuts and a variety of spices to produce one tasty cookie. You’ll often see them hanging in shop windows during the holidays, decorated with royal icing.

Greece – Kourabiedes

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Known as the celebration cookie, Kourabiedes tend to turn up at weddings and various Christmas festivities in Greece. Resembling a light shortbread, the dough is typically made with almonds and may be flavoured with vanilla, rose water or even brandy. Shaped into crescents or balls, they are then showered with icing sugar.

Peru – Spiced Hot Chocolate

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Spiced hot chocolate is a heavenly Christmas tradition in Peru. You’ll often find this rich drink served along with Italian sweet bread at a chocolatada. These organised events are when the local churches and communities serve tasty treats to the less fortunate in the true spirit of Christmas.

Canada – Nanaimo Bars

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Many will argue that Nanaimo bars must be present for a traditional Canadian Christmas spread. These delectable cookie bars feature three sweet layers guaranteed to offer a sugar rush. It begins with a coconut biscuit base, followed by a custard middle, all topped with a layer of smooth milk chocolate.

Italy – Panettone

Christmas Desserts Around the World

You may recognized this sweet bread which pops up in our very own supermarkets during the holidays. Italian panettone traditionally contains candied orange, lemon zest and raisins. In Italy, it is served in slices alongside a hot beverage or sweet wine. A special cream made from mascarpone is also a common accompaniment.

Scandinavia – Krumkakes

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Krumkakes are mouth-watering Norwegian wafer cookies, similar in style to a waffle. A light and crisp cookie made using a special decorative griddle, they are cooked, rolled to form a cone shape and then filled with freshly whipped cream.

South America – Alfajores

Christmas Desserts Around the World

Commonly sold around Christmas time, alfajores are a traditional Latin American cookie sandwich featuring a hefty serving of dulce de leche - a creamy caramel made from milk. The caramel filling is placed between two rounds of a crisp butter cookie and then rolled in coconut.

Switzerland – Basler Brunsli

Christmas Desserts Around the World

A spiced chocolate cookie, the basler brunsli is a popular addition to the Christmas table in Switzerland. Often described as a Swiss brownie, these delectable treats have a satisfyingly chewy texture and feature sweet flavours from cinnamon, cloves and almonds.

What is your favourite Christmas dessert?