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10 Reasons Mauritius Should be on your Bucket List

3rd December 2014

Crystal clear waters? Check. Silky white sand? Check. The island of Mauritius is touted for its gorgeous beaches and incredible natural beauty but there is far more to this tiny destination than first meets the eye. In fact, you’ll be surprised by the countless attractions and multitude of ways you can fill in your days. From patting a lion to going for an underwater stroll, Mauritius should be on everyone’s bucket list.


You can walk underwater

Where in the world can you go for a stroll under the sea? Mauritius is home to Captain Nemo’s Undersea Walk where you can sink your toes into the sand and be at one with tropical sea creatures. Thanks to the latest technology, you will be fitted with a giant helmet before being submerged into the crystal clear waters of Mauritius. Go for a wander undersea and watch as extraordinary sea creatures, including dozens of tropical fish, swirl around you.

Taste sumptuous street food

Tantalise your tastebuds with the array of tempting Creole dishes that abound in Mauritius. Blessed with a unique combination of influences, you will find traces of African, French, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Street food is extremely popular, with stalls selling a fusion of foods, from dholl puris to seafood curries and a bounty of fresh fruits. Sip a jug of sugar cane juice or chomp on a warm roti chaud.

You have an excuse to eat loads of sugar

You won’t have to go far to find the swaying sugar cane fields of Mauritius. Delve into the sweet history and take a visit to the famous Sugar Museum and Factory. Learn about the harvest and production of sugar as you tour the exhibits and see the fascinating machinery. At the end of your excursion, you can enjoy a delicious sugar tasting, showcasing numerous types of unrefined sugar.

Explore beautiful tea plantations

Tea drinkers will be delighted with a tour of the Bois Cheri Tea Factory, believed to be the first tea plantation in Mauritius. Your expert guide will teach you about the tea making process, from picking, cutting and fermenting all the way to packaging. Sample an assortment of teas or choose to dine at the lovely onsite restaurant while admiring the picturesque views.

Enjoy wild water sports

Thrill seeker? There is always time for sunbaking but sometimes there is nothing better than hitting the water at speed. Feel the wind in your hair as you set sail along the crystal clear waters of Mauritius on a jet skiing, windsurfing or parasailing adventure. Enjoy a more relaxed pace on a sea kayak, while those with an iron stomach can spend the day on a deep sea fishing excursion.

You can reach new heights

Head to the Domaine les Pailles estate to find the magnificent Moka Mountains. Choose to hike the towering peaks or scale the mountains by four-wheel drive, a horse drawn carriage or even via a quad bike. Whichever mode of transport you choose, you will be rewarded with impressive views over the city of Port Louis. Atop the mountains there are also a number of attractions including a sugar mill, rum distillery and restaurants.

Sunbake on beautiful beaches

It goes without saying, but the gorgeous unspoilt beaches of Mauritius are the island’s number one attraction. You are guaranteed turquoise waters, silky white sand and palm lined shores right along the expansive coastline. Choose to sit back and relax on the vibrant shores of Grand Baie or beneath a grass hut on Trou aux Biches. For a more peaceful retreat, visit La Cuvette.

Cuddle a big cat

The Lions Adventure in Mauritius offers guest a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk, touch and play alongside majestic big cats. The safari bus will take you to see lions, tigers and cheetahs before you embark on a one hour lion excursion. Watch in awe as the cats play along the banks of the river with the option to interact firsthand with these incredible creatures.

Admire inspirational natural wonders

A remote village in the Riviere Noire District, Chamarel holds an assortment of natural treasures. Known as the Seven Coloured Earths, you can visit the startling sand dunes that feature seven distinct colours. The stunning Chamarel Falls are also worth visiting. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you can admire the cascading waterfalls or even go swimming in the cool waters below.

Go swimming with dolphins

Playful dolphins can be found just off the West Coast of Mauritius. Join a dolphin encounter and have the unique chance to swim with these cheerful marine creatures. In season, you can also venture on a whale watching excursion to spot both humpback and sperm whales.