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Win an Escape to Italy with the Coffee Club

26th November 2014

Thanks to the Coffee Club and Escape Travel, you can have the chance to win a holiday to one of the coffee capitals of the world. There are four major holidays on offer plus 100,000 instant prizes to be won. If you are the lucky winner of the trip to Italy, you will be whisked away to Venice to join Uniworld’s Venice and Gems of Northern Italy eight day river cruise. Experience the city’s magical canals as you navigate your way through the highlights of Venice, making stops at Chiggo to explore the medieval walled city of Padua and Polesella, where you can enjoy a pasta making class in Bologna. Take in the beauty of the expansive Po Delta Nature Reserve and enjoy the romance of Verona before returning to Venice.

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How to enter:

All you have to do is spend $15 dollars at any participating Coffee Club restaurant to receive a scratch and win card, which will give you a unique code to enter online*. From there you will go into the draw to win a holiday to France, Brazil, Turkey or Italy*. Just for having lunch at the Coffee Club, you could find yourself jet setting across the world.

(*Sorry this competition is now closed.)

Just in case you win the Italian adventure, check out our top tips for first time visitors.

Top Travel Tips for Italy

Food... No doubt, the food in Italy will be a highlight of your holiday. Not only will you be able to sample gourmet pizza, handmade pasta and authentic gelato but you can also have the chance to feast on authentic Italian dishes. Join the locals and enjoy a strong espresso and a sweet pastry for breakfast.

Coffee... Italians love their coffee. If you are a caffeine enthusiast, you will fit right in but there are a few rules to follow. First, milky coffees like cappuccinos or macchiatos are only drunk in the morning. Second, most locals consume their coffee without sitting, it is simply downed while still standing up – sitting at a table and having waiter service will cost you extra.

Language... Get familiar with your Italian before heading off on holidays. Not just to please the locals, but to make it easier for you to get around, use public transport and order correctly from menus. Buy a portable translator book or even better, download a few handy translator apps – just make sure you have at least one that doesn’t require an internet connection to work.

History... Italy certainly has no shortage of historic attractions and landmarks worth exploring. Whether it’s the Colosseum in Rome, the Florence Cathedral or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you will be in awe of the rich history and ancient architecture on display. These world famous attractions draw big crowds though, so get in line early and buy your tickets in advance when you can.

Shopping... Shopping in Italy will be a joy as you purchase quality leather goods, fashionable clothing and beautiful shoes. Just remember that many stores will close over lunch time so avoid shopping around midday. There are also plenty of shopping malls and discount outlets to explore but they are usually located on the outskirts of the city.

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