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Win an Escape to Turkey with the Coffee Club

20th November 2014

Love your coffee as much as you love holidays? Escape Travel has teamed up with the Coffee Club to give you the best of both worlds! With four major holidays up for grabs, the lucky winners will set off for one of four coffee capitals around the world – Italy, France, Brazil or Turkey. If you win the holiday to Turkey, you’ll receive return flights and spots on Peregrine’s Treasures of Turkey tour for two people. A return journey from vibrant and cosmopolitan Istanbul, over 15 days you’ll venture through historic Gallipoli, the honeycombed hills of Cappadocia and the cascading thermal waters of Pamukkale – plus many more highlights in between. From gorgeous mosques to ancient towns and Mediterranean beaches, Turkey is full of magnificent surprises.

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How to Enter

To enter the competition and be in with a chance to win one of four holidays to Italy, France, Brazil or Turkey, all you have to do is spend $15 at any participating Coffee Club restaurant to receive your scratch and win card. You’ll either win one of 100,000 instant prizes or get a unique code – your key to entering the competition online*. Drink coffee, win prizes – who could resist?

(*Sorry this competition is now closed.)

Top Tips for Turkey

Coffee... Coffee is a vital part of everyday life in Turkey. Coffee houses, cafes and restaurants are easy to find – the perfect spots to sip traditional Turkish coffee. Served small and strong, sip slowly, as the coffee grind simply sinks to the bottom of the cup. When you’re finished, turn your cup upside down. You can then have your fortune told with a traditional coffee reading that looks at the coffee grounds still sticking to the cup.

History... To really make the most of being in this fascinating destination where east meets west, it really pays to do a little research and understand the local history. One of the oldest regions in the world, there’s so much to appreciate about the local culture, destinations and historical events. From Anzac Cove at Gallipoli to the epic tales of the Ottoman Empire, it’ll make your holiday in Turkey all the more incredible.

Shopping... Turkey has incredibly beautiful handicrafts, ceramics and textiles that are colourful and eye-catching – they’re hard to resist. In Istanbul, you’ll also find many modern shops for great clothes shopping, well-priced gold shops and traditional bustling markets that are just as good to look at as to buy from. While some places have set prices, many require you to barter. If you don’t see a price on the item, it’s fair to assume it’s time to barter.

Religion... Don’t be surprised to hear the call to prayer radiating from mosques five times a day around Turkey – or waking up to the sound of it. The first adhan of the day can be as early as 4.30am. Also, if you’re in Turkey during the month of Ramadan, it’s polite to refrain from eating and drinking in public areas – and you’ll find that many of the cafes and restaurants are closed or operate with limited staff and reduced opening hours. Everything then springs to life at night, when people meet to feast once the sun goes down.

Food... A great thing about eating out in Turkey is that you don’t have to order it all at once. It works perfectly for a meal of Turkish meze dishes, which are usually eating before the main meal. For a main, be sure to try local dishes such as kebab, kofte (spiced meatballs), and borek (a pastry dish with cheese and spinach or beef). For dessert, don’t miss the delicious baklava and Turkish delight.

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