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Win an Escape to France with the Coffee Club

18th November 2014

This month, Escape Travel is teaming up with the Coffee Club to give you the chance to win an escape to one of the coffee capitals of the world. There are four major holiday packages up for grabs, plus 100,000 instant prizes to be won. If you win the trip to France, you will receive return flights to Paris for two, plus the opportunity to join Trafalgar’s Treasures of France tour. Over eight days, you will be escorted through the best of France by your expert guide, from the beautiful Loire Valley to the magical highlights of Paris. Discover the history of Normandy, as you visit the D-Day landing beaches before completing your adventure with more sightseeing in the City of Love.

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How to enter

All you have to do is spend $15 dollars at any participating Coffee Club restaurant to then receive a scratch and win card, which will give you either an instant prize or a unique code which you can use to enter the draw online. For only a few cups of coffee, you could be heading off to France, Brazil, Turkey or Italy.

(*Sorry this competition is now closed.)

Just in case you are the lucky winner of the holiday to France, check out our top tips for first time visitors.

Top Travel Tips for France

Food... No visit to France is complete without sampling the region’s finest delicacies, from the best wines to delicate cheeses and gourmet French meals like duck confit. The sweet-toothed traveller can spend their days trying every flavour of macaron imaginable or getting their chocolate fix with oodles of flaky pain au chocolats (chocolate croissants).

Coffee... Taste the best coffee in Paris by heading to a cafe filled with locals, where sipping an espresso and eating a baguette with jam is the norm. Just be aware that ordering coffee in Paris is different from Australia – with milky coffee only ever drunk at breakfast and black coffee commonly served for the rest of the day. Do your research prior to ordering as words like ‘cappuccino’ and ‘latte’ won’t get you caffeinated.

History... France is a haven for history buffs, with a plethora of historic and significant landmarks and attractions. Be sure to take a trip to Mont Saint-Michel and tread on the shores of the D-Day beaches in Normandy. Don’t miss a visit to the impressive Palace of Versailles and explore the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral.

Language... Like any place around the world, it is polite to give the local language a go. Learn a few basic French phrases prior to your travels and download a few translator apps to help you out. They will come in very handy when ordering from menus, navigating through the city streets and using public transport.

Sightseeing... Paris is renowned for its abundance of world class attractions, from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. These big name attractions will always draw huge crowds, so try get there early or book advance reservations or fast track tickets when you can – they will cost extra but they will save you valuable time.

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