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10 Reasons to Love Samoa

11th November 2014

Craving a sun soaked getaway? If you have your eye on the South Pacific Islands, consider escaping to the idyllic shores of Samoa. Boasting a warm tropical climate, the picturesque islands are a haven for holidaymakers seeking a little sun, surf and sand. A hidden gem in the heart of the Pacific, Samoa is home to cascading waterfalls, verdant valleys, rugged volcanoes and no shortage of white sandy beaches. Here are ten reasons why you will love Samoa.

Natural Beauty

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There is no denying the captivating natural beauty of Samoa. A peaceful oasis, the beaches here remain unspoilt and undeveloped. You’ll find naturally silky white sand, palm lined shores complete with sparkling turquoise waters. The volcanic landscape and green mountains provide the perfect backdrop, with lush rainforest just begging to be explored.

Fresh Seafood

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The added advantage of being so close to the Pacific Ocean is the abundance of fresh seafood. From tuna and crab to eels and octopus, there is a huge variety of seafood to devour. Sample a fish salad, made from fresh tuna, vegetables and coconut milk.

Beautiful Beaches

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The number one attraction in Samoa is the beautiful beaches. The glistening shores invite sun-seekers to enjoy laidback island life, be that by swimming, sunbaking or snorkelling. Surfing is also a popular pastime, with world class waves providing the ultimate thrill.

Apia Markets

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Situated in the capital city of Apia, the local markets are a permanent fixture. Open every day of the week, you’ll find delicious local produce including plenty of fresh fruit. Taste test traditional Samoan dishes and purchase hand crafted souvenirs.

Game Fishing

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Make the most of your envious location by joining a game fishing tour. There are a number of professional tour operators that will take you out to sea to catch the biggest fish you have ever laid eyes on, from huge yellow fin tuna to stunning blue marlin.

Swimming with Turtles

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Holidaymakers of all ages will love getting up close and personal with these gentle giants. The Satoalepai Wetlands give visitors the chance to take the plunge and swim with the turtles or try to find wild ones out at sea.

Powerful Blowholes

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The Alofaaga Blowholes are an impressive natural wonder found near the village of Taga on the island of Savai’i. Watch in awe as these impressive craters burst to life, shooting a surge of foamy water hundreds of feet into the air.

Snorkelling and Diving

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The crystal clear waters surrounding Samoa are the perfect playground for keen snorkelers or divers. Underneath the surface you will find a wealth of treasures, with schools of tropical fish, spectacular coral reefs and even shipwrecks all at your fingertips.

Rainforest Hiking

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Enjoying the great outdoors is a must when visiting such an idyllic region of the world. Away from the sandy beaches, you can spend time exploring the flourishing greenery by hiking the coastal rainforest of O Le Pupu-Pue National Park.

Polynesian Culture

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Catch a glimpse of fascinating Polynesian culture by enjoying a Fiafia night with the locals. A lively event where stories are told through traditional song and dance, you will be enchanted by this captivating performance.