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Quiz: What’s your touring travel style?

8th October 2014

Before you can pick your perfect tour you need to know what kind of traveller you are. Tours come in all shapes and sizes, from the family-friendly type to the wildly daring. But one thing is for sure: there’s definitely a type of tour to suit every type of traveller! While some love the sound of wild adventures and authentic local haunts, others prefer a rigid itinerary and the creature comforts of home. Whether you're researching your next holiday right now or are still in the daydreaming phase, take our quiz below to discover your match made in heaven.
suitcase tours

Imagine you’re on your dream holiday, what are you doing?
A) Admiring spectacular landscapes from the comfort of a luxury train.
B) Going on elephant rides through the jungle with the kids.
C) Cycling to your next destination in time for the white water rafting activity.
D) Exploring the Egyptian Pyramids and delving into history with an expert Egyptologist.
E) Wandering or driving through the wilderness in search of rare and fascinating animals.

Your perfect night out would be...
A) Indulging in great wine and food in a classy restaurant.
B) Anything that caters to both kids and adults.
C) Dancing with locals and other travellers in a bar.
D) Eating authentic local food in a non-touristic restaurant.
E) Chatting over a campfire and recalling the day’s stories.

What’s your favourite travel-related movie?
A) Thelma and Louise.
B) UP.
C) The Motorcycle Diaries.
D) Eat Pray Love.
E) A David Attenborough documentary.

What are your most essential packing items?
A) A set of clothes for every occasion.
B) Sun cream and hats.
C) Comfortable shoes.
D) Guide book with local background info.
E) Binoculars and a zoom lens.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new city?
A) Shower, put on fresh clothes and have a cup of tea.
B) Unpack everything and check out the hotel facilities.
C) Go for a long walk, see what you find and where you end up.
D) Stroll the local streets to see what the neighbourhood is like.
E) Find a nice park or seaside spot to get some fresh air.

Your ideal tour guide would be...
A) Well-presented, friendly and knowledgeable.
B) Enthusiastic, safety-conscious and good with kids.
C) Fun, adventurous and full of surprises.
D) A local to the country, knowledgeable and open to sharing their stories.
E) An animal tracking expert, attentive and on the ball.

If you scored:

river cruise

Mostly As – Luxury Tour
You love to travel in style and comfort when you’re on the road, so a Luxury Tour is your perfect match. Travel shouldn’t be tiring – it should be reinvigorating and a great way to unwind and indulge in great service and sights. Whether you’re taking a luxury rail journey across Australia, a glamorous river cruise down the Danube or a well-appointed bus tour through Europe, you want to enjoy every step of the way. Bring your friends along for the ride too, because it’s going to be fabulous.

family travel

Mostly Bs – Family Tour
If the kids are happy, then so are you – so why not take everyone on a Family Tour? There are heaps of fantastic family friendly itineraries that cater to all ages. The accommodations, activities and restaurants are all hand-picked with families and children in mind. You could take in iconic favourites the kids will remember forever, from the Eiffel Tower to Big Ben, or explore Vietnam, from the famous Water Puppet Theatre to dramatic Halong Bay. You can trust that whatever you do will be perfect for the whole family.

adventure travel

Mostly Cs – Adventure Tour
You believe travel is all about the journey, not just the destination, so an Adventure Tour is perfect for you. You’re happy to get off the beaten track, not always stick to an itinerary and discover incredible surprises along the way. Whether you’re cycling your way around Vietnam, white water rafting in Costa Rica or sailing along the Croatian coastline and sleeping on board, whatever you do it’s bound to be full of fun and adventure. Life was meant to be lived – even more so when you’re travelling!

cultural tour

Mostly Ds – Cultural Tour
You’re clearly all about getting to know the local culture, past and present, so a Cultural Tour is right up your alley. You want to have an authentic experience, get to know the local history and have a local guide. Take a tour of Mexico’s Mayan ruins and colourful culture-laden towns, immerse yourself in music and art around Europe, or sail down the Nile after exploring Egypt’s famous pyramids. This is the best way to guarantee you get some local lingo, go where the locals go and delve into their history.

wildlife tour

Mostly Es – Wildlife Tour
If you’re totally wild about discovering the local wildlife, then no doubt a Wildlife Tour will put you in your element. From tracking lions, elephant and giraffe on safari in Africa to cruising down the Amazon in search of piranha, toucans and jaguars, the animal-lovers out there will love it. You could also tour America’s Yellowstone National Park, go to the Galapagos or snorkel along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Exotic animal encounters are only ever a glimpse away.

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