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Adventures in Antalya, Turkey

23rd September 2014

Escape Travel consultant, Amy Davis, celebrated her 21st birthday in Antalya. Impressed by the beautiful beaches and laid-back vibe this coastal city had to offer, Amy was eager to share her adventures when she returned home. If you are seeking a relaxing Mediterranean holiday in Turkey, then check out Amy’s insider tips.

Holiday Antalya

What was the most exciting activity you did?

I loved visiting Dolphin Aqua Land in Antalya. The seals and dolphins performed amazing tricks and the aquarium is also home to a magnificent beluga whale. The whale jumps out of the water and up onto the shore - very close to the crowd. It was pretty amazing to watch! We also got our picture taken with two red parrots that sat on our arms - they were incredible creatures. It was a bit intimidating having that big beak so close to my face though.

Holiday Antalya

How did you spend your downtime?

I loved sitting back and relaxing on one of the day beds at my hotel, while the staff served drinks and nibbles from the lovely beach bar.

What was one thing that surprised you?

The beautiful beaches. The water was crystal clear and you could even see the fish swimming around from the pier. Surrounded by mountains, the views over the water were absolutely stunning. I have never experienced a beach like that before.

Holiday Antalya

Tell us about your accommodation?

The five-star Hotel Su was incredible. The decor was quite stunning. Everything was white, the walls, the roof, the floor – even the staff were dressed in white! Then the furniture and lighting was red. You can also request to have a gold fish in your room for the duration of your stay, which I loved. The rooftop area also boasts spectacular views.

Top attractions?

Definitely Dolphin Aqua Land, it’s great fun for animal lovers of all ages. There’s also a number of fantastic waterslides and pools to enjoy. Take a visit to Kaleici, the historic city centre of Antalya and wander through the streets. You can also head down to the Marina and admire the picturesque views or go for a lovely boat ride along the water.

Holiday Antalya

Do you have any tips for first time visitors?

Be prepared to say ‘no’ while shopping at the local markets. People often tried to give us something for free but then would insist we pay for it.

Do you recommend holidaying in Antalya?

Absolutely! I would go back any day! If you love the beach, sun and cocktails, then this is the place to be!

Considering an exotic adventure to Turkey? Contact Amy Davis on 08 9364 3502 or email Amy is a consultant at the Escape Travel Garden City store in Western Australia.