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10 Reasons Tahiti Should be on your Bucket List

16th September 2014

Situated in the heart of French Polynesia, Tahiti is a glorious island paradise. A haven for honeymooners or smitten couples, the allure of the island can be almost solely attributed to the spectacular surrounds. Soft sand beaches showcasing turquoise waters are home to luxury resorts and impressive overwater bungalows, but that’s not all. Here are ten reasons why Tahiti needs to be on your bucket list.


World class snorkelling and diving
Tahiti is the perfect location for a snorkelling or diving excursion. The renowned clarity of the surrounding waters makes for excellent diving conditions. Beneath the surface you will find sunken ships and oceanic drop-offs, home to a wealth of sea creatures, including schools of fish, mantra rays, eels and dolphins.

Shark feeding
Adventure seekers can get up close and personal with the local residents on a shark feeding excursion. A short trip into the lagoon, you will head to the edge of the reef where your guide will entice the sharks. You can choose to watch this exciting scene unfold from the boat or enter the water for a thrilling experience.

Tahitian pearls
It may be worth travelling to Tahiti just to get your hands on the priceless pearls. The beautiful Tahitian pearl is a world renowned jewel that ranges in size and shape. You can tour a pearl farm on Rangiroa, Huahine or Manihi or simply visit one of the many pearl shops to pick up your own glowing memento.

Polynesian spas
A holiday to Tahiti is bound to be one of luxury. Continue the pampering with a visit to one of the world renowned Polynesian spas. Many of the high end resorts on the island will have their own spas, where you can enjoy a range of therapeutic treatments, from fresh-flower baths to body wraps and massages.

Overwater bungalows
Have the chance to wake up in your own overwater bungalow, with the azure waters glistening beneath your thatched roof villa. Walk out onto your private deck and admire the endless ocean views before diving into the emerald waters below. This luxury style of accommodation is a firm favourite for honeymooners.

Polynesian culture
Get a taste of local life with a night celebrating Polynesian culture. There are a number of special performances in Tahiti, showcasing traditional Polynesian song and dance. Many of the main resorts and hotels will host a show, while guest enjoy a sumptuous buffet. Be sure to check what local festivals are on while you are in town.

Whale watching
If you happen to be visiting the sparkling shores of Tahiti between July and November, then don’t miss out on a whale watching excursion. The Austral Islands are the perfect spot to observe these magnificent creatures that gather to calve just off the coast. You may even get the chance to squeeze in a snorkelling session nearby the whales.

Gourmet cuisine
Hungry travellers will be pleased with the array of sumptuous food to sample. Don’t go home without trying the local speciality, raw tuna marinated in lime, served with coconut milk. Dishes baked in a traditional Tahitian oven are also a delight or visit the Pape’ete public market for a stash of gourmet produce.

Island hopping
It may be hard to tear yourself away from the golden shores of Tahiti, but exploring the nearby islands of French Polynesia is a must. Bora Bora is a favourite, with its glistening waters and pristine beaches while the unspoilt shores of Moorea are also popular. For a secluded getaway, make your way to Huahine and sunbake on the gorgeous Fare Beach.

Water sports
The pretty waters of Tahiti are also a fantastic base for a wide range of water sports. Try your hand at windsurfing or head to the beach for a surfing lesson or two. Kiteboarding is also an option for thrill seekers or go waterskiing and glide along the crystal clear waters.

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