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Consider a Short Cruise Holiday

29th August 2014

Escape Travel consultant Jessica Page is an experienced cruise traveller and advocate of close to home cruises. After recently returning from a three night cruise with Carnival, we asked Jessica for her firsthand advice on cruising. If you have never been on a cruise and are considering a close to home adventure, read on for Jessica’s helpful tips.

Short Cruise

Tell us about your relationship with cruising?
Cruising is my favourite way to travel. Short three night cruises are perfect for first timers looking to experience a cruise or just for regular cruisers who want to get away for the weekend. My partner and I prefer to do lots of little holidays throughout the year, so close to home cruises suit us perfectly.

Why do you love cruising?
You don’t need to cook or clean! I can eat as much as I want and the bar staff will even go to the bar for me so I can just lounge on the deck and relax. The waterslides on Carnival Spirit are so much fun, no matter how old you are!

Tell us about the accommodation?
I had a window cabin on this cruise and I loved only being a short distance to the restaurants, theatre, bars and entertainment. If you are after a bit more space, a balcony room is recommended but for these short cruises, we wouldn’t spend any time on our balcony.

Any tips for first time cruisers?
On any cruise, the more involved you get with the on board activities, the more fun you will have. Don’t be afraid to have fun, it will make for a more memorable cruise! Also participate in BINGO – the whole ship gets involved and the energy in the theatre is electric.

What else should you do on your cruise?
I recommend eating at the speciality restaurants, they will often cost you a minimal fee but it’s worth it. Make sure you also try and see all of the ship. Even when I travel on the same ship a second or third time, I am still finding new things, whether it be a movie theatre, games room or cafe.

Do you recommend short cruises?
I would 100% recommend a short cruise. I have three booked this year alone. For all your food and entertainment to be included, it’s the best way to spend a long weekend. It’s also a great birthday present or anniversary celebration!

Anything else?
Free ice cream and pizza 24/7 – what more could you want?

Want to set sail on your own cruising adventure? Contact Jessica Page on 02 4298 8200 or email Jessica is a consultant at the Escape Travel Shell Harbour store in New South Wales.