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Record Breaking Theme Park Rides in the USA

13th August 2014

Feel the need for speed? Get your adrenaline fix in the USA with these record-breaking, scream-inducing thrill rides. America is home to a multitude of theme parks, dotted right across the country, boasting some of the tallest, fastest and scariest rides in the world. Add a little adventure to your next USA holiday and make a stop at one of these top theme parks for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

GateKeeper - Cedar Point, Ohio

Gatekeeper Image: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

The Record: World’s tallest, fastest and longest wing roller coaster

The Ride: Perched mid-air on either side of the roller coaster track, the GateKeeper will take adrenaline junkies to unknown heights as you climb 170 feet before soaring through the air on the ultimate 2 minute and 20 second thrill ride. Experience acrobatic turns and rolls as you fly at speeds over 100 kilometres an hour, while you dangle out on the edge. This ride also boasts the tallest inversion on any roller coaster in the world.

The Park: Continue the fun with a ride on the Power Tower, as you rocket up and down 240 feet at heart pounding speed. The Skyhawk is believe to be the world’s tallest swing ride, which has you soaring back and forth through the air at over 90 kilometres per hour. For dizzying thrills, try the MaXair and enjoy swinging around and around as you enjoy nauseating views of the park below.

Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson

Kingda Ka Image: Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari

The Record: World’s tallest roller coaster

The Ride: Extreme thrill seekers will be in their element with a ride on the legendary Kingda Ka roller coaster. You will soar 456 feet high or 45 storeys tall, reaching speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour in the blink of an eye, just 3.5 seconds. Once you get to the top, you will plummet right back down into a 270 degree spiral before finishing with a 129 foot camel hump. It’ll all be over in less than a minute, but your heart will be racing for hours after.

The Park: The Kingda Ka isn’t the only jaw dropping ride in the park. The twisted Bizarro will have nearby fire explosions going off as you face seven terrifying inversions. The El Toro is a lightning fast ride that boasts the steepest drop of any wooden-style roller coaster in the country, while the Dark Knight Coaster offers startling twists and turns inside a pitch black tunnel. For the ultimate blood rush, brave the Zumanjaro Drop of Doom, believed to be the tallest drop tower in the world.

Verruckt - Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Kansas City

Verruckt Image: Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts

The Record: World’s tallest water slide

The Ride: Don’t be fooled by the words ‘water slide’, this thrill ride pulls out all the stops and rivals the scariest roller coasters on the planet. Adventure seekers will be strapped into a three person raft before descending down a gut-wrenching, near vertical, 168 foot drop. Daredevils will love the thrills and spills of the Verruckt, which will change your view of water slides forever.

The Park:  While no other ride in the park will rival the Verruckt in terms of heart pounding, I-hope-I-survive type speed, there are plenty more attractions to enjoy. Take a three storey plunge on the Storm Blaster for a series of dips and peaks, zip down the Wolfpack Tube Slide or hold on tight on the downward Cyclone, which begins at the top of a 60 foot tower.

Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles

Goliath Image: Six Flags Magic Mountain, LA

The Record: World’s fastest wooden roller coaster

The Ride: The creators of the Goliath have not held back, making it not only the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, but also the longest with the steepest drop. Sure to rattle even the most experienced thrill seekers, you will brave a staggering 255 foot drop at speeds of 135 kilometres an hour. Experience true weightlessness, as you are jerked back and forth on a death-defying journey at uncontrollable speed.

The Park: Once you have conquered Goliath, stick around and see what else you can master. If you are after more roller coaster madness, hop on the Apocalypse or brave BATMAN the ride, which begins with a crazy 360 degree loop. Feel your heart in your throat on the record breaking Full Throttle, which will take you on a nerve-rattling loop at 160 feet in the air.