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Top 10 Tips for Cruising Alaska

5th August 2014

The awe-inspiring scenery and pristine landscapes of Canada and Alaska will astound even the most experienced traveller. Make your way to North America and be rewarded with glorious snow covered landscapes. Marvel at the wondrous scenery and have the opportunity to spot unique wildlife, from emperor penguins to humpback whales. See snow capped mountains, glowing glaciers and majestic wildlife on what is sure to be an unforgettable adventure. If you’re embarking a cruise to Alaska for the first time, check out our top ten tips before you go.


1. When cruising Alaska, consider booking a balcony room so you can make the most of the stunning scenery and see the amazing wildlife at any time of the day.

2. Alaska can have long days of sunshine, with a late sunset and an early sunrise. Pack a sleeping mask to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

3. While the weather may be chilly in Alaska, the sun's UV rays can still be strong. Bring the sunscreen and make sure you use it to avoid getting sunburnt. Insect repellent may also come in handy.

4. Experience the breathtaking scenery from above with a scenic flight or helicopter tour over the glorious glaciers. Look at booking your excursion early to avoid missing out.

5. First time cruisers to Alaska will need to pack their bags wisely. Depending on your shore excursions, you may need hiking boots or waterproof shoes and a sturdy backpack. Pack plenty of layers to account for the cooler weather.

6. Consider whether a large cruise ship or smaller one is right for you. While smaller vessels may have greater access to restricted areas, large ships offer smoother sailing, particularly through the notoriously rough Drake Passage.

7. Many shores excursions in Alaska will be dependent on the weather. The icy conditions are often unpredictable, so be flexible when it comes to your land expeditions.

8. Be sure to pack wisely for your trip. Warm clothing is a must, including waterproof pants and jackets, thick wool socks, gloves, beanies and ear muffs. Polarised sunglasses are also a good idea.

9. Be prepared for the icy conditions and bring (or hire) a pair of rubber boots for wet landings. A waterproof backpack is also a must for carrying valuable photography equipment.

10. Enjoy spending your cruise unplugged. Your internet and phone communication may be limited, so take a break from the digital world and relish time in the great outdoors.