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Top 5 Unique Honeymoon Ideas

30th July 2014

Honeymoons have almost become synonymous with lazing on the beach for days on end. But for some couples, this picture is not relaxing or romantic. Whether you’re adventurous souls looking to get off the beaten track or you’re keen to share the love around wherever you go, there are many ways to celebrate the start of your new lives together that don’t involve flip-flops and bikinis. So put the icing on your wedding cake with one of these unique honeymoon ideas.


Join an African Safari
Thought your heart couldn’t possibly pound harder than it did on your wedding day? Test the theory with an African safari. If you’re lucky, you could come within bare metres of Africa’s fascinating wildlife. Track lions, leopards, elephants and rhino in the game reserves and sprawling savannas. Or admire the rare sight of pink flamingos wading in remote water holes as eagles circle in the air above. At night, turn your attention to the starry night skies from the comfort of your camp. And if you think that camping equals questionable tents, think again. Luxurious glamping options will blow away even the most uncertain camper with decked out accommodations and dining that rate all the way to five star standards.

Take a Romantic Cruise
Ocean cruise or river cruise, there’s just something about gliding along the water that’s romantic. With the sights ever-changing out your window, and your own private room along for the ride, a cruise enables you to kick back and relax while constantly changing location. Take to the high seas with a cruise around the South Pacific islands, or idle down the flowing waters of Europe’s Danube, with plenty of stops to absorb the local culture, sights and cuisine. If you’d prefer to make it adults-only, there are a number of cruise lines offering high-class child-free cruises. Have a night out in the on board casinos, dine in celebrity-chef restaurants and get pampered in the spa. Many cruise ships also offer extra packages designed to set the scene of romance, from champagne and chocolate to luscious red roses.


Try an Active Holiday
Fancy a little challenge for your love to conquer? An active holiday is a great way to experience the true landscapes on offer in a destination, as well as the top attractions along the way. Wind your way in and out of the rice paddies, temples and bustling towns of Vietnam by bike, or hike alongside the pristine lakes of Austria, with plenty of stops for culture and cuisine along the way. If you even have time to train with all that pre-wedding planning, you could tackle a mountain, like Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro or the Mount Everest base camp. As Daniel Monroe Tuttle once said, “Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top the view is beautiful”. Alternatively, ski your way down them on a ski holiday to Switzerland - there are plenty of charming chalets with fireplaces to keep you warm and cosy at night.

Do a Little Volunteering
Start your new life together with deeper meaning and share the love wherever you go. Volunteering and giving back to the world is an incredibly special holiday that you won’t soon forget. Join a conservation project to save the turtles in Costa Rica, teach English in an orphanage in Cambodia, or do some handy work building schools in Africa. Whether you immerse yourself in the experience for a whole week or more, or simply join a tour that includes a small element of community involvement, expect those honeymoon warm and fuzzies to only expand.


Hire a Tuscan Villa
Forget about hotels – get local and hire your very own Tuscan villa. Not only is privacy a priority, but the gently rolling green hills and burnt orange sunsets of true Tuscany make for the most dreamy of backdrops. Dotted across the region await charming cities that ooze culture and urban beauty, dominated by terracotta tiled rooftops cascading into the distant landscapes. Here you’ll discover fine art, medieval palaces and elaborate churches at the end of winding alleys and fronting awe-inspiring squares. From Florence to Siena, Pisa and Lucca, some of Italy’s most impressive cities await, as do villages you’re yet to discover. Otherwise, stay in your villa and bask under the sweet Tuscan sun, sip wine from the rolling vineyards on your doorstep, and indulge in the fresh produce and gourmet delights the region is famous for.