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Top 5 Adventure Activities in Vanuatu

24th July 2014

Vanuatu’s pristine natural landscapes are far too spectacular to simply admire from afar, even if you do have the perfect perch on the soft sandy shores. Home to fuming volcanic mountains, gushing waterfalls nestled in tropical rainforests, and azure waters that conceal an incredible new world beneath the surface, Vanuatu’s 100% natural playground is the ultimate destination to bring out your adventurous side. From zip lining through the treetops to climbing volcanoes, you won’t be able to resist these fun-filled adventure activities.


Trekking Volcanoes
Fancy a peek into the rim of an active volcano? Glimpse the bubbling molten lava, hear the rumbling in the distance and smell the ash as you trek to the top of the crater (you might even catch sight of a 3,000-degree mini explosion). Mt Yasur on Tanna Island is one of the world’s most accessible volcanoes and involves just a short trek to the top. For the truly adventurous though, opt for the geothermal wonders of Ambrym Island. One of the most active volcanoes in the world, to witness its scorching grandeur you’ll need to spend a night or two camping across the varied volcanic terrain.

Zip lining
This is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like Tarzan. So strap yourself in and swing through Vanuatu’s lush jungle with a zip lining tour on Efate Island. Just imagine the scenery from four stories above the ground as you whoosh through the cool, leafy treetops – the views span all the way to Mele Bay and beautiful Port Vila Harbour. Zip from platform to platform, navigate suspension bridges, glide past a waterfall and if you’re up for it, tackle the 200m-long zip line that stretches across a stunning 80m-high canyon.


Wreck Diving
Espiritu Santo is famous for its world-class diving, but what makes it super spectacular are the WWII wrecks beneath the water’s dazzling blue surface. The most popular wreckage, SS President Coolidge, is one of the best wreck dives in the world and an absolute must for keen divers. Get up close and personal with incredibly well preserved human artefacts and military weaponry, from decorative porcelain statues to unopened bullet boxes. You’ll also get the chance to admire the colourful array of marine life in the nearby coral gardens.

Abseiling Waterfalls
Mele Cascades is a stunning waterfall on Efate Island. But to admire it from a completely different perspective, join an abseiling tour and work your way backwards down the fresh flowing waters, from the top to the very bottom – literally. Set amongst lush green scenery, you’ll abseil both beside and in the 50m waterfall, passing a cave hidden behind the gushing waters along the way. Need a reward at the bottom to get you there? Treat yourself to a swim in the gorgeous swimming hole, lined with tropical rainforest.


Going Off Road
Getting off the beaten track in Vanuatu is easy with an off road tour by buggy or quad bike (ATV). Hold on for the ride of your life as you zoom along forest trails, through local villages and stop off at beautiful shores for a swim or snorkel break. Depending on the route, you might even get to feed some sharks and turtles, or have unique cultural encounters while visiting local schools. From gorgeous black sand beaches to flowing rivers, Vanuatu’s impeccable landscapes are all yours with the freedom of an off road adventure.