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Top Ten Tips for Cruising Europe

14th July 2014

A European cruise will be a culturally enriching experience, as you explore the region’s incredible history and see world famous sights. Take the time to explore the romantic and charming cities of Europe. Sail down the peaceful waterways of Vienna, be captivated by the cobblestone streets of Prague or marvel at the world renowned vineyards of France. A cruising holiday is a unique experience, so we’ve gathered our top tips to make sure you’re prepared for your next European adventure.

Cruise Europe

1. Find out what documents are required at each port. Sometimes you will need to present your passport, other times you can leave valuable documents safely on the ship. For peace of mind, only carry with you the money that you need for the day.

2. Keep in mind that some ports may be a considerable distance from the city itself or the attractions you are looking to explore. The port of Civitavecchia is about an hour from Rome via the train.

3. Be aware that smaller European restaurants may shut over summer for the local’s annual vacations, particularly in Italy.

4. When choosing an outfit for your shore excursions, remember that many European churches and religious sites have strict dress codes that must be adhered to. Usually you will be required to cover your shoulders and knees, and also wear enclosed shoes.

5. The Mediterranean is known for its sunny weather in summer, so bring along a wide brimmed hat and apply plenty of sunscreen. Avoid dehydration on shore days by taking a water bottle with you when you are out and about.

6. When choosing your cruise adventure, consider the itinerary and also the ship. River cruise ships are often smaller and offer a more intimate experience, while larger ships will typically have a greater selection of onboard entertainment and facilities.

7. You might be surprised to learn that public toilets in Europe typically charge a nominal fee for use. It may be handy to keep a few coins on you during your shore time.

8. Remember to pack comfortable shoes for your all day excursions. Europe’s famous cobblestone streets can be hard on the feet.

9. Decide whether you would like to participate in organised shore excursions or if you would prefer to go your own way. Shore tours can be helpful in cities where customs and languages are foreign, however you may enjoy the flexibility of venturing out on your own.

10. Check with your cruise line to see if you will need to pack an electric current converter. A small power strip that allows you to plug in more than one electronic device at a time may also be useful.